Polyamory: Infidelity or Modern Open Relationship?

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While some couples profess purely monogamous relationships, for others the path to satisfaction is a relationship with two or more partners at the same time. Polyamory is a relatively new and controversial topic in the Czech Republic, which arouses strong passions and emotions. Some consider polyamory infidelity, others a modern model of partner relationships. What advantages and disadvantages can an open relationship with multiple partners have for you?

Infidelity, open relationship or polyamory?
What is polyamory and how is it different from infidelity or polygamy? If you are secretly cheating on your partner with someone else, it is infidelity. Polyamorous relationships, on the other hand, are based on trust and honesty. Everyone involved knows about each other and often doesn't hide their feelings even from those around them. In contrast to the classic "hip" or open relationship, it is not exclusively about satisfying sexual needs outside of marriage, but about building a loving partnership with another person. While some polyamorous couples maintain only a romantic relationship without sex with other partners, others do not deny themselves intimacy. Polyamory does not have clearly defined rules and it always depends on the mutual agreement of the participants.

Polyamory recognizes the concepts of polyandry (polygamy), polygyny (polygamy) or polygamy (polygamy). Polygamy is not permitted in the Czech Republic, according to our legal system, one person cannot have more than one husband or wife at the same time.

When one partner is not enough…
As it turns out, the polyamorous relationship is not the exclusive domain of the younger generation. Older married couples also desire an intimate relationship with multiple partners, who are opening up to other options with the arrival of a new trend. Or, in short, they want to legitimize their secret love relationships years later.

Polyamory and the desire to share one's life with multiple partners has always existed, but in past times it stood at the edge of what was socially and religiously acceptable. Even today, people living in polyamory do not have it easy. He often encounters misunderstanding or even condemnation in his immediate surroundings or in his family.

The modern phenomenon of polyamory is currently shaking up society and is the subject of many new films and documentaries. If you are thinking about polyamory, watch the documentary Happily Ever After by documentary filmmaker Jana Počtová, which portrays the real joys and sorrows of couples living in polyamorous relationships. The film Hranice lásky directed by Tomasz Wiński, which touches on the topic of open relationships, swingers and polyamory, is also worth watching.

New times, new rules?
According to Daniel Saynt, founder of the New Society for Wellness, millennials are primarily behind the legitimization of polyamorous relationships. The current generation of 30-somethings is aware of the mistakes their parents made. They perceive that monogamy has not worked and does not work in many relationships, and therefore they are looking for new ways and ways to work differently and better in partner relationships. Openness to multiple relationships is also recorded by modern dating applications, which enable quick acquaintance with other suitable partners.

On the other hand, being open to relationships with multiple people at the same time doesn't necessarily mean your life will be happier or more fulfilling. In many cases, the opposite is true.

Polyamory, jealousy and mistrust in a relationship
If you love her there's no other needs? This adage hits its limits in partner relationships. A polyamorous relationship is definitely not for everyone. It only works if everyone involved freely decides for it. It requires the ability of open communication and tolerance. If you allow yourself to be pushed into a corner under pressure or emotional blackmail from your partner, mistrust in the relationship will gradually creep in between you, jealousy and the relationship will most likely break up sooner or later. Because it's hard to keep your cool when your significant other is spending time having a romantic dinner with someone else, while you're sitting at home alone trying to ward off phlegm and dark thoughts with bottles of wine and Netflix.

Is it even possible to love multiple partners at the same time? Can you get over your counterpart having romantic relationships with other people? You have to answer that for yourself. Don't be forced into something you don't agree with deep down in your heart and soul. The rules of a working relationship are not universal, you create them yourself. A couple should agree on basic things and views on life, such as polyamory or monogamous relationships, ideas about a joint future, marriage and children. The less fundamental issues of your relationship are more about mutual compromise.

Although every breakup is painful, it is better to end a dysfunctional relationship honorably than to grieve. Sooner or later, another person will enter your life who will share the same values as you. If you are afraid of being alone, find happiness. At dating evenings in Prague, you will meet a lot of single men and women who are looking for a serious relationship. Come have fun, get to know each other and maybe even fall in love.

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