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Tasting evening & dating

Pleasant music, wonderful food, you and a few handsome women (men) who are just singles. Dating doesn't have to be boring. Forget the tedious correspondence on online dating sites and enjoy an experience evening with a tasting and a fresh date!

Love goes through the stomach

Tasting dinner & dating - this is a great way to find a partner with whom you will have at least one passion in common - good food and drink. If the spark jumps, you can enjoy another date according to your own ideas - for example in your favorite restaurant or wine bar, or you can immediately try out how it will work for you when cooking together. There are no limits to imagination.

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What to expect from a dating site with a tasting?

If you have no experience with live dating yet, know there is nothing to fear. A skilled presenter or presenter is present at all our events, will seat you and will always be at hand. The main part of the evening is intended for conversations between the participants, you always have fun in pairs and with the system of everyone with everyone you have the opportunity to get to know all your counterparts. Interviews are 5 minutes. Even in such a short time, you will get a good idea of whether you still want to see the person in question or not. At the end of the evening, you discreetly decide for yourself with whom you want to exchange contact. But you don't change it directly at the event, we will take care of it. This avoids face-to-face rejection and you don't have to worry about evaporating from a failed date. If there is mutual sympathy between you, approximately one hour after the event, the coveted contact will land in your e-mail inbox.

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Do you have your own idea of an ideal partner, or are you looking for a man/woman with the same hobby as yours? Choose from our thematic speed dating events and allow yourself to be charmed by a partner who is on the same wavelength. Speed Dating is a solution to find your love in Prague.

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Velmi příjemně strávený večer. Mohu vřele doporučit.

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