New relationship: How long is the honeymoon phase?

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The relationship goes through many changes over the years. The beginnings of a new relationship tend to be stormy, your mind is literally paralyzed by passion and infatuation. However, this period does not last forever. If the couple does not work on the relationship, the relationship begins to wither, both as a partner and as a lover. How long does love last? How to build a loving relationship that will remain strong even when the wind blows away the love?

How long does love last?

A new relationship is usually accompanied by a hormonal storm. All thoughts are directed towards your new love, you can't get enough of each other, you feel the proverbial butterflies in your stomach every time you meet. During this period, you probably don't have to put in a lot of effort to keep the spark and loving bond in your relationship. However, the period of falling in love will pass sooner or later, according to earlier experts, it lasts approximately 3 months to a year.

Despite all the beautiful feelings, the period of falling in love also has one major drawback - you may be looking at the new relationship through the lens of "rose-colored glasses". It can be easy to miss the warning signs that hover over a new relationship.

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People in love also tend to see only the good in the other. The various bad habits and negative qualities of your love may come across as cute in the beginning of the relationship, while after a few years together you may not be able to stand them. However, you can work with that too.

A strong relationship requires your effort

Many people long to find their soul mate and create a lifelong relationship. If you actively work on the relationship, love deepens over the years and the relationship gains solid foundations based on mutual trust and understanding. Even if you no longer feel those proverbial butterflies in your stomach, you can still have deep feelings for your significant other.

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However, you have to take into account that in every long-term relationship there are occasional showers. If you are both determined to work on the relationship and overcome the crises that every couple has to deal with sooner or later, you are half the winner. Every person has both positive and negative sides. You should focus on the qualities you admire in your partner. Don't think too much about what qualities you don't like in your significant other, your relationship will be more satisfied.

The basis of a satisfied relationship is also open communication and time spent together. Talk about your needs, opinions, life values and try to find common ground in solving your conflicts and clashes of opinion. Treat each other with mutual respect and do not forget about daily loving gestures - kisses, caresses or hugs.

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How does a love relationship work?

Have you found a lover or a friend with benefits and are wondering how long a romantic relationship lasts? According to experts, it can bring a couple together for months, but even years. Every relationship is different, as are the reasons why the couple maintains the relationship. A romantic relationship, like a serious relationship, can continue even after the infatuation and mutual fascination has faded. If there is an intimate bond between the couple and they solve their needs or traumas through infidelity, it can easily last for many years.

However, you should realize one thing - establishing a romantic relationship will not actually solve the problem - lack of intimacy in marriage, problems in communication or low self-esteem. You just push it back in time. In addition, you risk the discovery of infidelity with all the consequences it can have for you and your partner. If you are unsatisfied in your current relationship, communicate your wishes and needs with your partner. Find a relationship coach or visit marriage counseling. And don't forget to work on the relationship together - many relationships fail if you don't invest your time and feelings in it, you forget about everyday loving gestures and you don't try to make each other happy.

What about friends with benefits?

Friendship-with-benefits relationships can also be problematic. If a couple fulfills each other's needs and spends time together, there is nothing to force them to seek a serious relationship. Friendship with benefits, like a romantic relationship, can last for years. However, do you want to risk missing out on a friend for a friend who could offer you more than friendship and sex? Friends with benefits also run the risk that one of the pair will fall in love. If the other of the couple does not feel the same, it can be a very painful experience.

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