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Emotional intelligence and lack of empathy: How does it affect partner relationships?

The ability to express emotions and understand the emotions of others has a significant effect on the quality of our relationships. Feeling your partner's support, love and understanding is very important. What if this aspect is missing in your relationship? Low emotional intelligence and lack of empathy may be to blame.
Před 9 dny

Body language: How do you know he/she likes you?

Body language often tells you more than a thousand words. Words can sometimes be misleading, but body language is a reliable source of information about our emotions, intentions and attitudes. How can you tell from gestures, looks, facial expressions and non-verbal communication what your counterpart is thinking and if he/she likes you? We will tell you how to read body language.
Před 11 dny

7 tips to handle arguments and improve communication in a relationship

Arguments are a natural part of any relationship. The problem arises when they become almost daily bread and gradually destroy the loving bond and trust between partners. Learn how to work with conflict in your relationship and learn how arguments can move you forward. Read the basic rules of effective communication in a relationship and progress to a higher goal.
Před 22 dny

Manipulator in a relationship: How to recognize a manipulator and how to resist manipulation?

The basis of a healthy relationship is trust, mutual respect and support. In a relationship with a manipulator, these important aspects are missing. The manipulator attacks the feelings, thoughts, behavior and self-esteem of his counterpart in order to achieve his goals. We will tell you what manipulation is, how to recognize the typical signs of manipulation in a relationship, and we will advise you on how to resist manipulation.
1. July 2023

Relationship with an older man or woman?

In the modern world, we meet more and more often couples with a larger age difference. A relationship with an older man or woman can be beautiful and fulfilling. It brings a number of benefits, but at the same time it will be full of challenges and possibly prejudices from those around it. Find out what awaits you in a relationship with an older partner and what you should prepare for.
22. June 2023

Dating in Yellow Spa in the form of speed dating

The Yellow Spa is a popular place to get to know each other. At least that's how it really is for us. The interest in getting to know each other in the fresh air in an environment of greenery and the Vltava River, as offered by this place, is really great. When someone comes to our evening for the first time, they feel the considerable freedom and space that the environment provides. The nervousness is therefore immediately there. And last but not least, after the organized part, there are several options that can be used right away, for example, with someone you just met and you like.
27. May 2023

I love you: 4 serious tips on how to confess your love

I love you. You're everything to me. These are the most beautiful words you can use to express your love. However, it is usually not easy to openly tell someone how you feel about them for the first time. Not sure how to confess your love to the person you love? Are you afraid of a negative reaction or are you afraid that you will run out of words? Read 4 tips for a romantic declaration of love and get inspiration on how to say I love you.
18. May 2023

First date: Where to go, what to talk about and what to do?

A first date is memorable, wonderful and full of exciting anticipation. Will we get along? Will she or he like me? What to talk about? Where to go on a date? What about a kiss on the first date? If you really care about a man or woman, you're probably worried about messing things up. Read original dating tips that will knock the thorn out of you.
11. May 2023

How to leave a relationship and how to cope with a breakup?

A bad breakup can mark us for a very long time. If you want to leave a relationship, try to do as little damage as possible. Arguments, blaming each other, criticizing, gossiping, giving false hopes and promises... All these should be avoided when ending a relationship or divorcing a marriage. How to break up with dignity and how to survive a breakup with a loved one?
8. May 2023

How to know that he is the right one and that he loves me?

You've met a wonderful man and you have a lot of unanswered questions swirling in your head: "Does he like me? Is he the right man for me? How do I know he loves me?” There are several signs to know that he is the one and that he is interested in you. Read what signals reveal a man in love.
4. May 2023