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Carnivore & Vegetarian: Can it work?

There is a wise saying that love passes through the stomach. Food can play a really important role in a relationship. Although they say that opposites attract, in reality, a different way of eating and thinking about food can cause serious problems in a relationship. What if one of the partners gravitates towards vegetarianism or veganism and the other is a sworn meat lover? Can such a relationship work? Find out what to prepare for if you want to date a meat-free dieter.
Před 7 dny

Can a Relationship Work Despite Different Religions?

It is often said that love knows no boundaries and can move mountains. Many happy couples affirm that their mutual love and understanding helped them overcome significant differences, including differing religious beliefs. However, there are also many couples whose relationships were ultimately divided by their differing views on faith. What should you be prepared for if you want to date someone with a different faith than your own? Can a relationship between a believer and an atheist work? Find out about the challenges and pitfalls you might face in such a relationship.
Před 14 dny

Dating for Introverts: 4 Tips for Handling a First Date When You're Not a Social Extrovert

While extroverts eagerly seek out meeting new people and feel at ease in conversation, for introverts, it can be a source of great stress and discomfort. Find out how to navigate dating and meeting new people if forming new connections isn’t your strong suit.
12. June 2024

Why (Not) to Get Married?

The reasons people get married have significantly changed over the last few decades. While the main motivations used to be sex and starting a family, today, there are often other reasons. The expectations of the bride and groom can vary – and this might be one of the main reasons why nearly 50% of marriages in the Czech Republic end in divorce. If you are wondering whether marriage is the right institution for you, read on.
5. June 2024

Dating for Single Parents: How to Find Time and Energy

Dating can be challenging, and it's even harder if you're a single parent. Taking care of children takes up a lot of time and energy. Finding a moment for yourself in your busy day can be difficult. Without someone to watch your kids, dating can seem impossible. While dating with kids isn't as easy as it was when you were single, it's worth it. You just need to know how. Learn how to find time and energy for dating, even with children.
22. May 2024

How to know that there is a spark between us?

How do I know there's a spark between us? Almost everyone asks themselves this question after the first date.A relationship without spark and mutual attraction is like a cake without cream. When the chemistry doesn't work in a relationship, you can understand each other, but your relationship will be more like a friendship than a full-fledged partnership. Find out what signs tell you if the attraction is mutual and how to recognize affection.
15. May 2024

Compliments that score points

A kind praise or compliment can break the ice and strengthen relationships, both personal and professional. A few kind words will improve the day, arouse sympathy and open the door to further conversation. However, sometimes compliments, however well-intentioned, can put you in an awkward situation. Words that would please you may, on the other hand, be unpleasant for your counterpart. In addition, some compliments may sound inappropriate in certain situations. Find out how to properly flatter a man and how to flatter a woman.
13. May 2024

New relationship: How long is the honeymoon phase?

The relationship goes through many changes over the years. The beginnings of a new relationship tend to be stormy, your mind is literally paralyzed by passion and infatuation. However, this period does not last forever. If the couple does not work on the relationship, the relationship begins to wither, both as a partner and as a lover. How long does love last? How to build a loving relationship that will remain strong even when the wind blows away the love?
21. April 2024

Flirting by SMS: How to start a conversation and how to flirt with a man or a woman?

There is a spark between you, you have a phone contact in your hand and you are wondering how to make contact and start a conversation? Text flirting can be fun, but it can also be a real hassle if you or your significant other are in a relationship. If you're both single, put your shame aside and make the first move. We will advise you on how to flirt with a man or woman by text and how to avoid misunderstandings.
4. April 2024

Where to go on second and third dates?

Did you meet on our speed dating? Do you have a contact, or even several contacts, and you don't know how to deal with them? We arranged the first date for you, the next meeting will be under your direction. You might have a lot of questions running through your head... Who is asking you out on a second date? Where to go? How to avoid faux pas? Learn how to plan fabulous second and third dates and how to avoid unnecessary blunders.
4. April 2024