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How to survive in retirement and not go crazy?

You've packed up a few personal belongings, said goodbye to longtime colleagues, and closed the door forever after one stage of life. Even though you may have been looking forward to retirement, suddenly you don't know what to do with your free time? Are you starting to fear emptiness, boredom and loneliness? How to survive in retirement and not go crazy?
Před 25 dny

Dating in your 50s or 60s? Harmony and carefree fun

Staying alone after fifty? That would be a great shame. You can finally start enjoying yourself again like you did when you were in your twenties. You don't have to deal with the care of small children, worries about education or work from day to day. You've probably already done all that. Now you can fully enjoy trips and vacations for two, romantic dinners or relaxing evenings with a glass of wine.
3. November 2022

Divorce after fifty: Does it make sense to start again from scratch?

Divorce after fifty? A fairly common phenomenon today. The children have left the house, communication is creaking, common interests are missing, and the marriage has practically nothing. Coping with the loss of a partner with whom you have lived for twenty or thirty years is not easy. However, life does not end with divorce. The end of one life stage means the beginning of a new one, which can be even better than the previous one.
1. November 2022

The love hormone oxytocin: How touch and hugs affect our health and relationships?

Modern science confirms that touching, cuddling, hugging and love are important both for good health and for creating harmonious interpersonal relationships. When you touch, the love hormone called oxytocin is released. According to the latest research, it affects much more in our lives than we thought.
12. October 2022

The First Kiss: A Simple Guide to Kissing on a First Date Without Missteps

Kissing on a first date is one of the nice ways to show your interest or feelings to the other person. With a kiss, you often also confirm that you want to belong to each other as a couple. In short, the first kiss is an important milestone in a relationship, so it's no wonder that you're probably nervous and worried about messing things up. Read this simple guide and you will experience your best kiss that will forever be etched in your memory and heart.
29. August 2022

Sitting under the linden trees in Zluty Lázně

Dating evenings are no longer just an intimate affair. Informal in the sense that some people are comfortable with the peace and environment of a restaurant or cafe, while others may feel cramped in such an environment. That is why we also organize outdoor acquaintance walks, or evenings organized outside under the blue sky without a walk. Our evening in the Yellow Spa was exactly like that. Our nice moderator Anička added a touch to the nice environment. Are you interested in how such evenings work and what are their benefits? Follow our social networks to learn more.
19. August 2022

The dark corners of an extramarital affair

Mistress and lover. Two beings who must hide their mutual affection from the world. A relationship with the flavor of the forbidden fruit can be tempting. However, it often ends with a bitter experience, destroyed relationships or a broken heart. What can a love relationship bring you and when is it better to end it?
27. July 2022

Romantic walk in Vyšehrad

In recent weeks, spring has really been in full beauty. The beautiful weather made us think about how to diversify the dating evening, so we organized a dating walk in the beautiful Prague Vyšehrad.
13. June 2022

4 Tips to choose the best gifts for women

Choosing the perfect gifts for women doesn't have to be easy. Especially if you are a man and the fairer sex is still a bit of a mystery to you. If you are wondering what to please your mother, wife, girlfriend or girlfriend, start with the following lines. We have a simple manual for you to help you choose the best gift.
27. May 2022

Mature Women and Younger Men: Can It Work?

Mature women are dating more and more men and breaking all stereotypes. Nevertheless, the environment may discourage you from having a relationship with an older partner or a younger partner. The relationship of a mature woman alongside an energetic young man can clap. In the long run, however, it may encounter a number of obstacles. When is it worth giving a relationship a chance?
27. April 2022