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Love and relationships in the workplace

We spend a significant part of our lives at work, so it's no wonder that work relationships lead to love and relationships. In addition, if you come home late and don't have much time for hobbies or entertainment, finding a suitable counterpart outside of work can be difficult. Building a relationship in the workplace is easier than approaching a stranger on the street or in a bar. In addition, it is easier to find common ground and topics to talk about. It is really necessary to follow the saying: what is in the house is not for me?
Před 6 dny

Psychological and emotional blackmail in a relationship: How to defend yourself against an emotional blackmailer?

Emotional blackmail is an aggressive form of manipulation. What is even more insidious is that it comes most often from those closest to us. The goal of emotional and psychological blackmail is to affect our emotions. An emotional blackmailer wants to hit us at a vulnerable point and advance his interests at all costs. How to prevent emotional blackmail in a relationship?
Před 9 dny

How does a man feel about a lover? 4 emotions that attract men to lovers

Strong physical attraction, desire for adventure, ego or love? How does a man feel about a lover? Can a love affair develop into a serious relationship? Read how men feel about their lovers and what are the signs that he is in love with you.
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The 5 most common ways men test women

Even men tend to be very demanding when choosing a partner. If you are to become his chosen one, you may have to pass his subtle tests. How do men test women to see if it makes sense to invest in a relationship? Find out what tests may await you before you go on a date.
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Dysfunctional relationship: How to know if your relationship is dead and coming to an end?

When the initial crush wears off and the rose-colored glasses fall off, we begin to notice more of our significant other's flaws. At the same time, the relationship is getting stuck. We may experience feelings of mutual misunderstanding, conflict situations or more frequent exchanges of opinions. Clashes of opinion are a part of every relationship. However, love, esteem and respect should never disappear from a relationship. How do you know if your relationship is dead and has no future?
18. January 2024

I want a child but I don't have a partner! Where to find a man to start a family?

They want a baby but are single. Or they have a partner, but they disagree on the issue of starting a family. The number of women who desire a child but do not have a suitable partner by their side is increasing. Where to find a man with whom you will be on the same page when it comes to parenting?
16. January 2024

Why (not) compromise in a relationship?

They say a relationship is about compromise. Long-term relationships really cannot do without small concessions and the search for viable solutions. When are compromises still part of a healthy relationship, and when are you moving over the edge? Find out in which situations it is good to stand your ground and not back down from your positions.
7. January 2024

What women desire: What do women want from a man and how do they choose a partner?

They say women don't know what they want. Understanding women's desires and wishes is sometimes difficult for men. A woman's mind is like a glass maze with no entrance to a man - they can watch every nook and cranny from the outside, but they can never get inside. In addition, there are many age-old myths in society surrounding the choice of a partner - but do women really want a tough alpha male, while good men stay on the vine? Do they prefer possessions and money? Or is it actually different? What do women really desire and how do they choose a partner?
21. December 2023

5 tips to keep your long distance relationship strong and loving

Everyday longing, feeling lonely and zero physical contact... All this will test your relationship and your love. How long can a long distance relationship last before the partners drift apart? Does he have any chance of survival? A well-known saying goes: where there's a will, there's a way. Learn how to keep a long-distance relationship strong and intimate, even if you're hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.
16. December 2023

Unrequited unrequited love: How to fall out of love when he doesn't return your feelings?

You can't sleep, you can't eat and you can't concentrate on anything. Your thoughts are directed towards only one person - but they do not reciprocate your feelings. Unrequited love hurts and often prevents you from moving on. Are you lulling yourself into the false hope that he will eventually fall in love with you? Or are you clinging to the idea that you and your ex will eventually get back together? Do you fight tooth and nail against other relationships while experiencing feelings of loneliness and anxiety? It's time to move on in life and let bygones be bygones. How to fall out of love when you experience unrequited love?
11. December 2023