Dating for dog owners

Thanks to walks through Prague, we met a lot of single dog owners, so we thought of creating an introductory evening for dog lovers. During the event, you will meet people like you - for whom a four-legged friend is a member of the family. With such people, finding a common theme will not be a problem. The only thing that will bother you is how such a nice bunch of people could have met in one evening.

The main goal is not just to find a partner for walks in the park, but to meet someone with whom you will catch the eye and experience the spark.

You will meet people who love animals and are just single. What your first date will be is up to you.

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Who is the dating evening for dog owners?

Dating for dog owners is intended for men and women who are single and want to meet people with whom they will have something to talk about, they will have similar interests. Love for animals is beautiful. Come and experience an evening that will lift you above common everyday topics and meet people like you. During a conversation, you may find more than just a "dogman" to walk together.

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