Love and relationships in the workplace

Láska a vztahy

We spend a significant part of our lives at work, so it's no wonder that work relationships lead to love and relationships. In addition, if you come home late and don't have much time for hobbies or entertainment, finding a suitable counterpart outside of work can be difficult. Building a relationship in the workplace is easier than approaching a stranger on the street or in a bar. In addition, it is easier to find common ground and topics to talk about. It is really necessary to follow the saying: what is in the house is not for me?

Workplace relationships are no longer taboo

Sparkling glances during work meetings, flirting in the kitchen, fleeting touches at the copier... This is how intimate relationships in the workplace usually begin. According to experts, sparking between colleagues at work is completely normal and usually tolerated. French psychologist Jacques Menarde claims, based on his research, that every third relationship in France is formed either directly at the workplace, or the partners meet during a work meeting. Even in the Czech Republic, workplace relationships are no longer taboo.

Love itself in the workplace is not a problem for most employers. Most of the partners have a relationship at the workplace without any problems. A satisfied relationship between two employees can be beneficial for the company. If a couple motivates each other at work, they can achieve better work performance.

Boss and secretary? Too complicated…

If a spark jumps between a subordinate and a superior, you need to step up. Experts and HR professionals warn against intimate relationships between a superior and his subordinate. If a superior - whether consciously or unconsciously - burdens his significant other, it creates bad blood in the team. Although these may be small manifestations that are natural for close relationships and the couple themselves may not be aware of them, others notice these small things very well. The whole situation can be very unpleasant for everyone involved. Animosity and a stifling atmosphere can arise in the team.

But the situation can also be the other way around - out of fear of giving rise to speculation, one of the couple with a higher position may put their other half at a disadvantage or demand higher performance. This can have a negative impact on the relationship of both partners. Therefore, experts recommend that one of the partners change their workplace.

The biggest fear is breaking up in the workplace

A worse situation occurs if the partners part ways and both have to continue working together at the workplace. Post-breakup emotions, mutual rivalry, gossip... All this disrupts the atmosphere and relationships at the workplace, in the worst case, the breakup disrupts the functioning of the entire team.

The only solution to such a situation is often a resignation, which in most cases is submitted by one of the actors themselves. However, this means a complication for employers – they have to fill the vacated position again, which is not easy for highly qualified employees. Therefore, the company does not have to welcome workplace relationships with enthusiasm, but it cannot prohibit them.

Don't wait for the company's blessing

From the point of view of labor law, the relationship between two employees is not a problem if it does not have a negative effect on the performance of work duties. You really don't have to wait for the blessing from the company management, the company basically has nothing to say in your relationship.

Agree on the rules of the "game"

If you fall in love at work, it is a good idea to agree with your partner whether you will tell colleagues about your relationship. As your relationship is your private and personal matter, you do not need to inform your colleagues. This way you will avoid some notes and comments that you might not be comfortable with.

If you have a warm and friendly relationship with your colleagues, you can, on the other hand, openly share your joy and love with them. In any case, it is good for both partners to agree on whether their relationship will remain a secret, or whether they will go "with their skin on the market".

Don't try sex in the workplace

Sex at work is a hot topic not only in the pub, but also in adult films. If you have similar sexual fantasies, forget about realizing them. Companies do not like to see sex at work, especially during working hours. It can also be grounds for dismissal, and you probably don't want to risk that.

Weigh the pros and cons

So, if you are still hesitating whether to open a relationship with a colleague, carefully consider all the pros and cons. Are you willing to risk your position in the company if the relationship doesn't work out and you break up? And what if you confess your feelings to your partner, but your love remains unrequited? Can you still work side by side as colleagues and as a team?

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