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I love you: 4 serious tips on how to confess your love

I love you. You're everything to me. These are the most beautiful words you can use to express your love. However, it is usually not easy to openly tell someone how you feel about them for the first time. Not sure how to confess your love to the person you love? Are you afraid of a negative reaction or are you afraid that you will run out of words? Read 4 tips for a romantic declaration of love and get inspiration on how to say I love you.
Před 20 dny

How to find a travel partner? The travel dating site opens up new horizons.

Are you looking for a wonderful travel partner to cross the world with? Find your soulmate among travel lovers. We will tell you how a travel dating site, a travel club or speed dating for travelers works.
24. January 2023

5 solid reasons why you prefer to travel as a couple instead of a solo event

Independence is certainly a good quality that will make life easier for you and help you overcome a whole range of obstacles. Although you can handle yourself quite well in everyday life and solo events do not cause you any difficulties at all, traveling unaccompanied may not always be worth it. Find out why it's better to travel as a couple and where to find a travel partner.
23. January 2023

Finding a partner for a serious relationship and family is becoming increasingly difficult. How to meet when your biological clock starts ticking?

Are you looking for a partner for a serious relationship with whom you can finally start planning a joint future and family? Finding a partner who longs for a baby and wants to participate in its upbringing and care is becoming more and more difficult. Although this problem is more often a problem for women, there are also more men who are ready for a serious relationship and the arrival of a child, but are searching in vain for a soul mate who feels the same way. Where to meet the right one or the right one for whom the child and family come first?
16. January 2023

How to survive in retirement and not go crazy?

You've packed up a few personal belongings, said goodbye to longtime colleagues, and closed the door forever after one stage of life. Even though you may have been looking forward to retirement, suddenly you don't know what to do with your free time? Are you starting to fear emptiness, boredom and loneliness? How to survive in retirement and not go crazy?
8. November 2022

Dating in your 50s or 60s? Harmony and carefree fun

Staying alone after fifty? That would be a great shame. You can finally start enjoying yourself again like you did when you were in your twenties. You don't have to deal with the care of small children, worries about education or work from day to day. You've probably already done all that. Now you can fully enjoy trips and vacations for two, romantic dinners or relaxing evenings with a glass of wine.
3. November 2022

Documentary series about women is looking for protagonists

Do you think that in TV series there are only unrealistic stories that have nothing to do with ordinary life? That it is not so easy to find the man of your dreams? This is about to change with the new documentary series that director Adéla Komrzý and her team are preparing, and now they are looking for protagonists.
27. September 2022

4 Tips to choose the best gifts for women

Choosing the perfect gifts for women doesn't have to be easy. Especially if you are a man and the fairer sex is still a bit of a mystery to you. If you are wondering what to please your mother, wife, girlfriend or girlfriend, start with the following lines. We have a simple manual for you to help you choose the best gift.
27. May 2022

International Women's Day: Why is it celebrated and how to celebrate it today?

Women are exceptional and deserve their special day. Although we celebrate a lot of modern holidays today, such as Valentine's Day, Halloween or St. Patrick's Day, International Women's Day is forgotten. Even 30 years ago, he was accompanied by exuberant celebrations. What is the original idea of Women's Day and how to conceive of the celebration in a modern coat?
5. April 2022

How to get a sexy girl even if you are not Brad Pitt?

Sexy girls are a dream of almost all men. Reaching beautiful women, however, requires a considerable dose of courage. Believe me, you don't have to look like Brad Pitt to notice you. Courage, wit and charisma can often do more than a beautiful face. But how to pack the most beautiful women when you are not a born seducer? We will tell you the tactics that women will fly like candy wasps.
25. January 2022