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How to know that there is a spark between us?

How do I know there's a spark between us? Almost everyone asks themselves this question after the first date.A relationship without spark and mutual attraction is like a cake without cream. When the chemistry doesn't work in a relationship, you can understand each other, but your relationship will be more like a friendship than a full-fledged partnership. Find out what signs tell you if the attraction is mutual and how to recognize affection.
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Compliments that score points

A kind praise or compliment can break the ice and strengthen relationships, both personal and professional. A few kind words will improve the day, arouse sympathy and open the door to further conversation. However, sometimes compliments, however well-intentioned, can put you in an awkward situation. Words that would please you may, on the other hand, be unpleasant for your counterpart. In addition, some compliments may sound inappropriate in certain situations. Find out how to properly flatter a man and how to flatter a woman.
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Where to go on second and third dates?

Did you meet on our speed dating? Do you have a contact, or even several contacts, and you don't know how to deal with them? We arranged the first date for you, the next meeting will be under your direction. You might have a lot of questions running through your head... Who is asking you out on a second date? Where to go? How to avoid faux pas? Learn how to plan fabulous second and third dates and how to avoid unnecessary blunders.
4. April 2024

Are paid dating sites a guarantee of safe dating?

Dating in the modern world is moving into the virtual world. Despite its great popularity, the use of online dating services has its risks, which are often the subject of horror stories. Can paid dating sites save you from the potential dangers of online dating? Find out what to prepare for if you want to try online dating.
22. March 2024

Why are men (not) attracted to smart women?

Modern society finds intelligence and education attractive. Nevertheless, these attributes can become a barrier that prevents men from creating harmonious and strong relationships with intelligent and independent women. Why is that so? What do men like in women and why are men (not) attracted to smart women?
16. March 2024

Joint activities that strengthen the partnership relationship

Falling in love sooner or later fades from every relationship. It is important that everyday loving gestures and joint activities do not disappear. If you don't work on the relationship, feelings of alienation, boredom and stereotyping can come. Don't let your relationship die. Try joint activities in your relationship that will help ignite your passion, strengthen your bond with each other, banish boredom, and maybe bring back those proverbial butterflies in your stomach for a while.
13. March 2024

Is age just a number? Experts revealed the ideal age difference between partners

When you're in love, age is probably not an issue. You can fall in love in your twenties or easily in your seventies. At first, you probably won't care if you're separated by 2 years or 15 years. It is not for nothing that the well-known proverb says that love is blind and age is just a number. Is everything really that simple and the age difference between the partners is not important? Or can it be an indicator of whether the relationship will last and overcome all pitfalls?
27. February 2024

How to choose a flower for a first date or for a man?

A flower is a nice gesture that pleases if you give it with love and considering the occasion and the situation. Find out what flower to give for different occasions - whether you are planning a first date, a birthday party, an anniversary or even a graduation. We will teach you to recognize the meaning of the number of flowers in order to avoid unwanted associations and embarrassments. And last but not least, we will tell you how it is with a bouquet for men for birthdays and other important occasions.
22. February 2024

Psychological and emotional blackmail in a relationship: How to defend yourself against an emotional blackmailer?

Emotional blackmail is an aggressive form of manipulation. What is even more insidious is that it comes most often from those closest to us. The goal of emotional and psychological blackmail is to affect our emotions. An emotional blackmailer wants to hit us at a vulnerable point and advance his interests at all costs. How to prevent emotional blackmail in a relationship?
12. February 2024

How does a man feel about a lover? 4 emotions that attract men to lovers

Strong physical attraction, desire for adventure, ego or love? How does a man feel about a lover? Can a love affair develop into a serious relationship? Read how men feel about their lovers and what are the signs that he is in love with you.
12. February 2024