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How to know that there is a spark between us?

How do I know there's a spark between us? Almost everyone asks themselves this question after the first date.A relationship without spark and mutual attraction is like a cake without cream. When the chemistry doesn't work in a relationship, you can understand each other, but your relationship will be more like a friendship than a full-fledged partnership. Find out what signs tell you if the attraction is mutual and how to recognize affection.
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Compliments that score points

A kind praise or compliment can break the ice and strengthen relationships, both personal and professional. A few kind words will improve the day, arouse sympathy and open the door to further conversation. However, sometimes compliments, however well-intentioned, can put you in an awkward situation. Words that would please you may, on the other hand, be unpleasant for your counterpart. In addition, some compliments may sound inappropriate in certain situations. Find out how to properly flatter a man and how to flatter a woman.
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New relationship: How long is the honeymoon phase?

The relationship goes through many changes over the years. The beginnings of a new relationship tend to be stormy, your mind is literally paralyzed by passion and infatuation. However, this period does not last forever. If the couple does not work on the relationship, the relationship begins to wither, both as a partner and as a lover. How long does love last? How to build a loving relationship that will remain strong even when the wind blows away the love?
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International Women's Day: Why is it celebrated and how to celebrate it today?

Women are exceptional and deserve their special day. Although we celebrate a lot of modern holidays today, such as Valentine's Day, Halloween or St. Patrick's Day, International Women's Day is forgotten. Even 30 years ago, he was accompanied by exuberant celebrations. What is the original idea of Women's Day and how to conceive of the celebration in a modern coat?
5. April 2022

What is love and where to find the fateful half?

You can feel the butterflies in your belly, your head is spinning and you are happy like never before. But you are also a little confused and would not like to experience further disappointment. Why do some romantic relationships end after a few months or years, even though they were so beautiful and real in the beginning? How to distinguish true love from emotional seduction and where to find it in today's hectic times?
30. September 2021

The best romantic movies you have to see

Captivating emotions, passion, desire, love, tears and emotion ... The right romantic film or romantic comedy will not leave you cold. We have tips for you on the best romantic movies that are really worth it!
26. October 2020