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How to know that there is a spark between us?

How do I know there's a spark between us? Almost everyone asks themselves this question after the first date.A relationship without spark and mutual attraction is like a cake without cream. When the chemistry doesn't work in a relationship, you can understand each other, but your relationship will be more like a friendship than a full-fledged partnership. Find out what signs tell you if the attraction is mutual and how to recognize affection.
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I want a child but I don't have a partner! Where to find a man to start a family?

They want a baby but are single. Or they have a partner, but they disagree on the issue of starting a family. The number of women who desire a child but do not have a suitable partner by their side is increasing. Where to find a man with whom you will be on the same page when it comes to parenting?
16. January 2024