I want a child but I don't have a partner! Where to find a man to start a family?

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They want a baby but are single. Or they have a partner, but they disagree on the issue of starting a family. The number of women who desire a child but do not have a suitable partner by their side is increasing. Where to find a man with whom you will be on the same page when it comes to parenting?

Young men do not rush into parenthood

More and more often, women in relationships encounter a fundamental problem - while they feel ready for the role of mother and their biological clock is sounding the alarm, men are not yet ready to father a child. The years go by unstoppably and many women start thinking about how to have a child. The chance of natural conception in women after the age of 35 decreases rapidly and they are aware of it.

Men mature to the decision to become a father usually later than women. According to a study by R. Kyzlinková and A. Šťastná from the Research Institute of Labor and Social Affairs, only 57% of Czech men aged 25-29 plan to start a family in the future. At the same time, three quarters of women of the same age want children. Women mature socially and personally to motherhood earlier than men. Statistics also prove this – Czech women give birth to their first child at an average age of 28, men become fathers for the first time at an average age of 33.

Forcing a man to accept a new role that he does not yet feel comfortable with can be a fatal mistake. The birth of a child is a stressful test for every relationship, and therefore both parents should be ready to accept responsibility for the care and upbringing of the child. Often, women in relationships are faced with Sofia's choice: a child or a beloved partner?

The number of voluntarily childless people is increasing

There is also an increase in the number of men, as well as women, who voluntarily decide to live without children. They do not plan to start a family in the future either. The problem arises when one of the couple starts thinking: "I want a child, without him our family is not complete".

What if a couple disagrees about starting a family or the right timing? If you want a family but your partner rejects a child, there is usually no compromise. Try to have an honest conversation with your partner about how they see your life together in 2, 3 or 5 years. If you don't find a common win-win solution that will be acceptable to both, the relationship probably has no future.

If one of the couple feels defeated and pressured into making a decision they don't agree with, the relationship will usually fall apart sooner or later. It is better to end it than to suffer for the rest of your life.

TIP: Why (not) compromise in a relationship?

Online dating sites are not very keen on starting a family

Women who long for a child but are single deal with an equally difficult situation. In addition, when they meet counterparts who take the word child or family for granted, it can be very frustrating. Czechs most often meet through the Internet or through friends. And here can be a buried dog.
Finding a partner for starting a family on an online dating site is not impossible, but according to the experience of most women, it is quite difficult. Instant relationships from the Internet, on the other hand, discourage many women and often even disgust them in their further search for a partner. Instead of Tindr, Badoo and other internet dating sites, try speed dating. In one evening you will meet face to face with up to 12 single counterparts. This will save you a lot of time, which you would spend on an online dating site on lengthy correspondence, which often ends up in vain anyway.

If you long for a family, there is nothing easier than visiting the thematic speed dating "Family and serious relationship" designed for singles who want to start a family in the near future. You will be sure that you and potential partners will be on the same page when it comes to having a child together. The entire evening is spent in a fun and relaxed spirit, which is why the vast majority of visitors evaluate speed dating very positively. You only have 5 minutes to chat with 1 counterpart - that's enough to see if the spark has flown. And not enough to get bored with someone you don't like.

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