Flirting by SMS: How to start a conversation and how to flirt with a man or a woman?

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There is a spark between you, you have a phone contact in your hand and you are wondering how to make contact and start a conversation? Text flirting can be fun, but it can also be a real hassle if you or your significant other are in a relationship. If you're both single, put your shame aside and make the first move. We will advise you on how to flirt with a man or woman by text and how to avoid misunderstandings.

Be original

Flirting by SMS is ideal for all those who are afraid of the idea of directly addressing their counterpart. Unlike face-to-face contact, you can really think through the text of the message and not have to worry about running out of words or starting to blush. Come up with an original sms that is guaranteed to impress.

In the first SMS, show interest in your counterpart and start with a question that will attract attention. avoid yes or no questions. Depending on the answer, you can further develop the conversation. However, do not overdo it with originality, communicate with all decency and do not pretend to be someone you are not.

Write lightly and playfully

Converse casually, wittily and with ease. You don't have to pull one joke after another like rabbits out of a hat, but you should still maintain a certain playfulness in text messages so that your significant other doesn't get the impression that she is texting with a strict person without wit and imagination. However, be careful not to overdo it with relaxation, avoid rude and vulgar jokes or inappropriate remarks that could offend your counterpart.

Do not push the saw

Don't be nervous if you don't get a reply to your sms right away. And above all - don't push the saw and don't be persistent. Keep in mind that your counterpart may not always have their mobile phone with them, or they may be busy with something and therefore not be able to write back right away. Bombarding your counterpart with text messages is sure to discourage and annoy them, and you probably don't want that, so be patient and show that you can stay on top of things, even if it's just for a reply
you wait maybe all day.

Make a date

Flirting by SMS can be fun, but a deeper relationship can only be established through personal contact. If you're hitting on each other via sms and you feel like it might work out, don't hesitate to arrange a date.

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If it doesn't work out, don't hang your head. It didn't work out once, it will work out a second time. And what if you don't have anyone around to catch your eye and you don't feel good about online dating? Does not matter! You can meet, for example, at speed dating - a dating evening for singles in Prague. Fast, safe, face to face and without lengthy correspondence.

A few words of advice in conclusion

Don't text when you're drunk

Texting if you've overdone it with alcohol isn't exactly the best idea. Maybe under the influence of alcohol you have more courage and lose your shame, but on the other hand, all inhibitions and common sense often disappear as well. It can easily happen that you send an SMS with text that you would never write sober. Unfortunately, you cannot return the sent text. Repairing a lost reputation can be difficult, or even impossible.

Don't flirt if you're engaged

They say forbidden fruit tastes best. The feeling of excitement when flirting with a strange woman or man often acts like a drug that gives you a feeling of euphoria and self-confidence. Although flirting may seem like innocent fun and a simple escape from the stereotype, it can have serious effects on your relationship. At the same time, physical infidelity does not have to occur. Even a flirty sms can do a lot of damage - most often it leads to gradual alienation of both partners, difficulties in communication and loss of mutual trust. From there, it's just a step to parting.

Flirting after SMS certainly does not solve problems in a relationship. If you have problems in your relationship, communicate with your partner. You don't have to chase away boredom and stereotypes by flirting with strange men and women, you just have to work on the relationship together.

Autor: Jakub Žwak