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6 Tips to Overcome a Midlife Crisis

Even though you may already have everything you've ever dreamed of – a successful career, children, decent savings, you've traveled halfway around the world – doubts may be gnawing at you about whether you've missed out on something important in life. Intrusive thoughts can easily turn into depression or burnout. The midlife crisis is a difficult time. Even so, a crisis can be a great opportunity to discover yourself, understand your inner self, new beginnings and life fulfillment. How to recognize an incipient crisis? How to deal with depression and get the most out of a difficult period?
30. November 2023

A solution to the partnership crisis? Start with yourself first

Partner crisis is a natural part of all relationships. Every relationship has to face many challenges and crises that will test its strength and stability. How to solve problems and disagreements so that your loving bond can overcome many storms and move you forward in your relationship?
19. October 2023