Travel dating

Wednesday 21. February, from 19:00 hodin

Backstage restaurant • Praha 9
Women 28–40 let
(390 Kč)
Men 32–40 let
(890 Kč)
28–40 let
390 Kč
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32–40 let
890 Kč
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Travel Dating

Základní informace

Počet účastníků max. 7 mužů a 7 žen
Dobra trvání cca 01:15 (19:00 - 20:15)
doražte min. 15 minut před začátkem
Věková tolerance +/- 2 roky
Venue: Backstage restaurant
Českomoravská 2521/19a
Praha 9
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Podrobné informace

Speed dating for travelers we organize for all who like to travel. At this evening you will meet people who have the same interests-traveling. In 60-90 minutes you decide who to invite on a date.

The main goal is not to find a travel companion for Europe, America or a travel companion for your holiday this year, but to meet someone you fall into the eye with and experience a spark.

How many people will be attending this evening?
The event has a capacity of 8 have for men and 8 places for women. Book your place!

How long will the evening last?
The evening lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Who do you meet at the evening?
People will meet for whom it will not be a problem to find a lasting topic, people who like to travel and discover new things.

Benefits of this dating site

you can recognize each other's sympathy after just a few seconds,
informal atmosphere and pleasant place will increase your chances of getting acquainted,
at the end of the evening you choose the ones you liked and want to see them again, who you give your contact is up to you,
if the sympathy is mutual, we will exchange contacts (email address) within two hours after the end of the evening and you can arrange another meeting immediately.

The participants will meet 10-15 minutes before the event, you have time to order a drink
After the moderator sets you up, he explains the simple rules of speed dating
Now you only have conversations with your counterparts, each with 6 minutes
The evening will last approximately 1,5 hour
You can stay after the event and keep talking, it's up to you :)


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