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Dating for a serious relationship (I want a family)

friday 6. March from 19 hodin

Bridge Restaurant, Praha 1
Women do 40 let
Volné místo (590 Kč)
Men do 40 let
Volné místo (590 Kč)
No more romances, you have reached the stage where you want a real and long-term relationship. For those who are serious, we have prepared speed dating with the theme "Family and serious relationship". Come to live and meet love for life.

For all who already know that a long-term relationship is not about love and sex. The evening is designed for those who want to communicate in a relationship, they can make compromises, they are determined to work together on the relationship and develop it. Problems that certainly come want to solve other than a breakup. For all who have not yet found the right partner, we have prepared a special speed dating "Family and serious relationship".

How many people will be attending this evening?
The event has a capacity of 8 have for men and 8 places for women. Book your place!

How long will the evening last?
The evening lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Who do you meet at dinner?
This event is intended for those who are looking for a long-term relationship and are considering establishing a family in the near future.

18:50 The participants will meet 10-15 minutes before the event, you have time to order a drink
19:00 After the moderator sets you up, he explains the simple rules of speed dating
19:10 Now you only have conversations with your counterparts, each with 6 minutes
20:00 The evening will last approximately 1 hour
20:20 You can stay after the event and keep talking, it's up to you :)
Zahoďte telefon, vypněte počítač a přijďte se seznámit naživo. Poznáte spoustu skvělých lidí.
Original first date arranged to suit your wishes
Nalaďte se na seznamování a zamilujte se! Jděte lásce naproti.
Enjoy the company of other people
Kontakt na partnera Vám předáme už za 2 hodiny po skončení seznamovací akce.
Within 2 hours after the event, you will receive "dating matches"


7. March 2019
0 1 2 3 4

Nádherná akce, doporučuji všem, kteří nechtějí být sami. Karel

2. May 2019
0 1 2 3 4

Moc děkuji za skvělou příležitost se seznámit. Byla jsem na takovém večeru poprvé a byla jsem velmi mile překvapena :) Lucie