A walk through Prague | speed dating

Sunday 28. November, from 15:00 hodin

Vyšehrad • Praha 2
Women do 40 let
(190 Kč)
Men do 40 let
(490 Kč)
do 40 let
190 Kč
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do 40 let
490 Kč
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Základní informace

Počet účastníkůmax. 7 mužů a 7 žen
Dobra trvání cca 01:15 (15:00 - 16:15)
doražte min. 15 minut před začátkem
Věková tolerance +/- 3 roky
Venue: Vyšehrad
Táborská brána, V Pevnosti 35/11
Praha 2
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Podrobné informace

Come with us for a walk through Prague. Speed dating is an easy way to meet and it doesn't have to be in a restaurant or cafe.

Casual, pleasant and in the fresh air, so the dating takes place in the form of walks, which you can also take part in. Just sign up and take a pleasant walk with us, during which you have the opportunity to meet 7 to 11 men or women. At the event, everyone has the opportunity to talk to everyone. In addition, if you feel like it, you can arrange another date right after the walk with the one with whom you got along best.

Time schedule of the event
Come a few minutes early to have a time reserve
Our moderator will be waiting for you at the meeting place. He will explain the simple rules of speed-dating
We will go for a walk, you have about 6 minutes to talk to each counterpart
At this point, you have all the conversations behind you
The evening does not have to end so early, feel free to finish the conversations with those you have understood the most


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z 2622 hodnocení
29. June 2021
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Výborná akce, spousta milých lidí.

8. June 2021
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Byl to moc fajn podvečer :)

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