How to know that there is a spark between us?

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How do I know there's a spark between us? Almost everyone asks themselves this question after the first date.
A relationship without spark and mutual attraction is like a cake without cream. When the chemistry doesn't work in a relationship, you can understand each other, but your relationship will be more like a friendship than a full-fledged partnership. Find out what signs tell you if the attraction is mutual and how to recognize affection.

In 5 minutes you will be clear

According to many studies from all over the world, only 5 minutes is enough to know if the spark has jumped. The modern form of dating - speed dating, which is based on personal meetings and short conversations with several potential partners - is based on these principles. Speed dating participants also confirm that 5 minutes is enough to find out if the other person is nice to you and want to invite them on another date. If the counterpart is not nice to you, or you find that you have nothing to talk about, you do not have to think about how to prematurely end an unsuccessful date.

Unpleasant experiences from a date arranged usually via online dating sites are a frequent reason why some singles prefer to resign from further dating. Listening to boring monologues, vulgar expressions, criticism of the ex or regretful streams of thoughts... In short, this is a nightmare and often also the reality of a blind date. And what about being bombarded with vulgar sms or messages on messenger, if you reject the counterpart... Thanks to speed dating, you can avoid these unpleasant experiences. The dating evening takes place anonymously, the moderator will exchange contacts only with couples who indicate mutual sympathy in the questionnaire. Does that sound appealing? Then visit speed dating in Prague.

Mutual attraction signals

You have a great time together

You are having fun, laughing and feeling relaxed. You don't have to pretend or try to make an impression. 5 minutes will fly by and you wish those 5 minutes would last forever. In addition, if the counterpart pays you a compliment during the conversation, it is a clear sign that there is a spark between you and the hormones of love are awakening. If you receive a text shortly after the meeting, in which the counterpart thanks you for a wonderful date or immediately plans another meeting, you can almost be sure that the spark has flown.

You perceive body language

When you like someone, you literally can't take your eyes off them. You are drowning in each other's eyes and can't look away. Dilated pupils will reveal that your presence does not leave your counterparts cold. Because you feel comfortable and relaxed, you're probably smiling all the time - if your counterpart smiles back, that's probably it! Another sign of a spark can be sweating – your presence can be so hot that your counterpart starts to sweat.

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You have common interests

Do you have similar ideas about the world and values, do you share a similar lifestyle, or have you even discovered common hobbies and interests? Then your sparkle has the right charge! Although it is said that opposites attract, this may not be the case at all in a serious relationship. Partners should complement each other rather than be antagonistic to each other. It is not for nothing that they say that water and oil cannot be mixed. As soon as the infatuation phase subsides and you suddenly find that you have no common interests, ideas about the future or spending free time, an unpleasant sobering up and alienation in the relationship can come. A healthy and compatible relationship usually cannot work if you are constantly adjusting and putting aside your own hobbies and interests in order to spend time together at least occasionally.

You feel connected to each other

Although you only met your counterpart a short time ago, you may feel as if you have known each other forever. Some couples feel from the first moment that they have met their other half! A strong physical attraction is not the only indicator, you may also feel an intense mental connection – your counterpart is simply your soulmate.

Reason and feeling in balance

As important as sexual chemistry is in a relationship, it shouldn't be the only link. You should also share important life attitudes and values. In a healthy relationship, reason and emotion should be in balance. Do not let yourself be blinded by the hormones of love, when choosing a life partner you should think rationally and not ignore the warning signs. These can be different – entanglement in lies and half-truths, fake or condescending expression, manipulative behavior, coercion and so on.

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And what if you and your counterpart have something to say on the first date, you share similar life attitudes, but you don't feel any magical spark? There are also couples happily in love who did not feel those famous "butterflies in the stomach" on the first date. Attraction, mutual connection and love came later. But mutual sparks are a good indicator that your relationship could develop into something more than friendship.

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