Where to go on second and third dates?

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Did you meet on our speed dating? Do you have a contact, or even several contacts, and you don't know how to deal with them? We arranged the first date for you, the next meeting will be under your direction. You might have a lot of questions running through your head... Who is asking you out on a second date? Where to go? How to avoid faux pas? Learn how to plan fabulous second and third dates and how to avoid unnecessary blunders.

Who asks for a second date?

Equality reigns in the modern world. A man can invite a woman to the next date, but so can a woman invite a man. Don't be afraid to take the first step. Send your counterpart a text saying thank you for a nice evening and arrange a time to call.

Where to go on a second date?

On a first date, you had a few minutes to feel each other out and see if you had similar interests or outlooks on life. You can rely on this information when choosing the place you choose for the second date.

For sports enthusiasts

Do you both enjoy sports? Then go to the climbing wall, golf, bowling or perhaps squash. In the summer, you can go pedal boating or paddleboarding. Running or cycling are not very suitable sports for a second date, because they are bad for talking.

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For lovers of culture and history

If you prefer culture, go to the monuments, to a gallery or to a museum. To have peace of mind to talk, avoid busy places with rushes of tourists.

For animal lovers

Animal lovers can go on a date to a zoo, a butterfly house or a mini farm. If you are passionate dog walkers, take your counterpart to the shelter and walk the abandoned dog together.

For gourmets

You don't like sports or culture, but your passion is good food or drink? Go together for a gourmet experience at a renowned restaurant or wine bar that organizes experiential tastings with a sommelier. When choosing a restaurant, make sure that your counterpart is not vegetarian, vegan, or does not have a special diet.

How to behave on a second date?

  • Be natural

Be open about your opinions, feelings, hobbies and interests. Don't pretend to please your counterpart at all costs, don't pretend and act authentically. This will help you establish a deeper connection with your counterpart, because your partner can get to know your true nature and personality right from the start.

  • Listen actively

Be an active listener and respond to what your counterpart is saying. Show your interest in his thoughts and opinions by asking additional questions. Be careful not to give long monologues and watch your counterpart's non-verbal cues – are they bored? Is the subject uncomfortable for him?

  • Avoid embarrassment

Avoid all inappropriate comments and remarks that could offend your counterpart, do not use profanity and take care of your appearance. If you normally wear one t-shirt a week, dress clean, wash and brush your teeth on a date. Clean, washed clothes and deodorant should be a matter of course. Therefore, it is better not to arrange a date right after work so that you have time to fit in the gala.

  • Be gallant and considerate

Pay attention to small gestures and politeness. This will show that you value your counterpart. A man can hold the door for a woman or bring a small gift in the form of a small flower or box of chocolates.

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  • Do not push the saw

How about sex or kissing on a second date? The golden saying applies to every situation - don't push the saw. Some prefer sex on the second or third date, others need to build trust and intimacy gradually and slowly. Open communication is key in this area. Talk about your expectations and respect each other's boundaries.

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And what if the second or third date doesn't work out, even if you tried to follow all the rules of dating? Then it probably wasn't the right one or the right one. Don't hang your head and don't throw a flint in the rye. We believe that everyone has a soulmate waiting for them. Get to know each other, meet new people and come back to speed dating again. It didn't work out once, it will work out a second time.

Autor: Jakub Žwak