Joint activities that strengthen the partnership relationship

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Falling in love sooner or later fades from every relationship. It is important that everyday loving gestures and joint activities do not disappear. If you don't work on the relationship, feelings of alienation, boredom and stereotyping can come. Don't let your relationship die. Try joint activities in your relationship that will help ignite your passion, strengthen your bond with each other, banish boredom, and maybe bring back those proverbial butterflies in your stomach for a while.

A shared hobby

Find a common hobby where you can spend time together actively and fun. It can be anything you both enjoy, be it photography, sports, dancing, cooking, attending cultural events or maybe collecting.

Adventure and adrenaline

If boredom and stereotype reign in your home, you need to bring excitement back into the relationship. You can try anything that can raise the level of adrenaline in the blood - that is, anything related to adventure or sports. The feelings of falling in love are similar to the feelings that people experience with mild fear and excitement from an adrenaline adventure. It's up to you which activity you choose - together you can try, for example, an experiential off-road ride in the terrain, a balloon flight, the more daring can bet on a tandem skydive or bungee jumping.

Adrenaline sports and games are also a great choice - for some, indoor activities such as a climbing wall, laser game or various escape routes are enough, while others prefer outdoor activities, such as high-altitude hikes, via ferratas, rafting and others.

If you're not the sporty type, that's okay. You can enjoy adrenaline fun in other ways. Try sleeping in a tent or under a canopy, making love in unconventional places, or go to a horror movie at the cinema. There are no limits to imagination, but the activity should be enjoyable for both. Never push your partner into something they don't want to do.

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Trips and travel

Exchange a weekend spent at home watching TV for a trip full of adventure and experiences. Plan, create itineraries, explore new places and have shared experiences that will strengthen your relationship. You can also create your travel diary or photo albums from your travels.


Choose an activity that you both enjoy and set goals together. It can be joint running, swimming, cycling, squash, tennis and others. The set goals can be different – getting in shape, losing weight, overcoming limits or perhaps preparing for a sports tournament with friends. Things go better in twos and the motivation to achieve goals increases.

Wellness weekend

Have a wellness weekend together. You can go on a wellness stay, to a spa, try massages, or simply relax together at home with aromatherapy and meditation.

A regular date

Reserve a time in your diary several times a month when you go on a date with your partner. Go to a romantic dinner, to the cinema, to the wellness center or engage in activities that you like. Do everything you can to ensure that your time together is not interrupted by children, a rude boss or other obligations.

Don't neglect regular dates even as parents of children. Caring for young children can feel like a never-ending marathon for the first few years. The lack of time spent alone, lack of sleep, and great fatigue take their toll on many couples. Arrange babysitting with your family or mutual help with your friends and focus only on each other. Relax, unwind, pamper yourself and restore the passion and spark in your relationship.

Communicate and be open to new experiences

Whatever joint activities you choose, remember that the key to a successful relationship is communication, compromise and openness to new experiences. Try to be creative and don't be afraid to experiment. That's the only way to banish boredom and stereotypes, which are among the notorious killers of relationships. The stereotype brings feelings of tension and dissatisfaction into the relationship, which can result in frequent arguments, feelings of alienation or misunderstanding, infidelity or even the end of the relationship.

What to do if your partner is not interested in spending time together? The reason is most often high workload, difficulties in communication, fear of the unknown, but also laziness. Try to talk openly and find a common solution that will suit both of you.

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If your communication is constantly going round and round and you can't find a common compromise, turn to the experts. If you've tried everything and your partner ignores your need for active time, or you even feel like you're just living as roommates, the only solution is usually to break up. Staying in a relationship where you feel alone, overlooked and unheard has no future.

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