Is age just a number? Experts revealed the ideal age difference between partners

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When you're in love, age is probably not an issue. You can fall in love in your twenties or easily in your seventies. At first, you probably won't care if you're separated by 2 years or 15 years. It is not for nothing that the well-known proverb says that love is blind and age is just a number. Is everything really that simple and the age difference between the partners is not important? Or can it be an indicator of whether the relationship will last and overcome all pitfalls?

The experts are clear

For years, experts have been investigating the effect of the age difference between partners on the strength of the relationship and the risk of its breakdown. Findings show that same-age couples have the lowest risk of relationship breakdown. Couples with an age gap of 5 years are 18% more likely to break up than couples of the same age. If the age difference is 10 years, the risk rises to 39%, with an age difference of 20 years or more, it is an alarming 95%. It does not matter if he is an older man or woman.

Of course, there are exceptions that prove the rule. It's up to you if you give the relationship a chance despite the possible pitfalls of the age difference. If you choose love over fear and unrelenting statistics, prepare yourself for the possible pitfalls you will face.

Unpleasant questions and peer pressure

The first challenge you have to prepare for in a relationship with a significantly younger or older half is the misunderstanding of the environment, which is often accompanied by unpleasant questions or curious looks. The bigger the age difference between the partners, the more pressure they have to face from the environment. Rejection from those closest to you - friends and family - hurts the most. In short, a relationship with a younger or older half can bring many problems and challenges, but this does not mean that it has no chance of success.

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Critical seventh year

Life number 7 and partnership is a topic that is very alive in society. The seventh year of the relationship is shrouded in many superstitions. After the first seven years, when the initial love is already there, more serious crises often begin to appear. A relationship on which the partners are not actively working begins to stagnate and does not move anywhere. He is accompanied by boredom and stereotype.

According to available studies, couples with a larger age difference are less resilient in moments when the relationship is going through a crisis. Partners often face issues of mutual understanding and plans for the future. In addition, there may be a change in needs and desires for couples with a large age difference. The older of the couple may wish to slow down, while his younger half may still have a lot of big plans and unfulfilled desires ahead of him - whether they concern, for example, having a child, moving, building a house, starting a business or traveling around the world. Finding a compromise or consensus in this case can be difficult.

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Different needs in sex

In addition to different ideas about the future, couples with a larger age difference are also at risk of estrangement on an intimate level. Older women and men may no longer seek sex as much as their younger counterparts. They may no longer be inclined to experiment too much. With age usually comes a gradual decline in libido, and hand in hand with this, your love life can begin to stagnate. If you are considering a relationship with an older woman or man, be prepared for this possible scenario, even if your worst fears may not come true at all. There are older women and men who enjoy love games just as they did when they were young.

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Weigh the pros and cons

A larger age difference between partners brings with it many difficulties and obstacles that you will have to deal with during your years together. If you are considering a relationship with a younger or older partner, carefully consider all the pros and cons. Reason and feeling should be in balance when choosing a life partner.

Whatever your age difference, it's up to you whether you can withstand the crises that come naturally in every relationship. Will you use them to grow each other and strengthen your relationship? Open communication, mutual understanding and respect are important to help you overcome turbulent times and take your relationship to a higher level.

If you do not see a future in the relationship or it is not on a solid foundation, end it honestly. Everyone should have a partner by their side, with whom they will be on the same page and who will be their support. We will be happy to help you find your soulmate, visit our dating evenings for singles in Prague.

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