How to choose a flower for a first date or for a man?

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A flower is a nice gesture that pleases if you give it with love and considering the occasion and the situation. Find out what flower to give for different occasions - whether you are planning a first date, a birthday party, an anniversary or even a graduation. We will teach you to recognize the meaning of the number of flowers in order to avoid unwanted associations and embarrassments. And last but not least, we will tell you how it is with a bouquet for men for birthdays and other important occasions.

A flower for a first date

Few women can resist a beautiful flower. A flower that won't get in the way too much during the evening is suitable for a date. The ideal choice is a small tied bouquet or perhaps one rose. A woman can comfortably carry this while walking, or put it under the seat in the cinema. You can easily keep a larger pug for the second date, you will let them know that you are comfortable with the woman and that you care about her.

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A flower as a declaration of love

A flower is also one of the ways to tell a girl I love you or I care about you. If you are afraid to say these words face to face, you can send a flower to a woman with a romantic message.

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A bouquet for a man on his birthday

A bouquet is always suitable for congratulation, whether it is a woman or a man. A flower for men is suitable for celebrating a graduation, an important life anniversary. At the end of the school year, it can also be a decent thank you to the class teacher. Consult a florist to choose a suitable flower for a man.

A bouquet for a woman

A colorful bouquet in yellow, orange or pink is perfect for a young girl. Etiquette says that the younger the woman, the more colorful the bouquet should be. On the other hand, give an elderly woman a bouquet of muted colors.

A birthday flower should always be cut. A flower in a box is suitable as a gift only when you are preparing for the approval of a new apartment or house.

Pay attention to the even number of flowers

An even number of flowers is traditionally associated with funerals and funerals. However, there are exceptions in which an even number of flowers will not be missed. And what is the significance of the number of roses? You can give an even number of roses or other flowers to the birthday boy if he is celebrating a birthday - feel free to give 30 roses for the thirtieth, 50 for the fiftieth. 100 roses are also great for special occasions, the gifted woman will certainly not stop at their even number. For other occasions, always choose an odd number of flowers.

The mysterious symbolism of colors

The colors of flowers carry their meaning and emotional charge. With a flower and its color, you can express what words are sometimes not enough for. Red roses are an icon of love and passion, while white roses are associated with innocence and purity, but also simple elegance, humility and respect. Yellow roses can express joy, friendship and happiness, but also jealousy. Purple flowers symbolize pride, admiration and success. Orange is the personification of enthusiasm, joy and life.

When not to give a flower?

If you stick to the above rules, you probably won't go wrong. However, be careful when…

  • you know that a woman does not like flowers and they do not please her,
  • you know the woman is allergic to flowers.

In these cases, choose another attention, such as a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine.

Also pay attention to what flowers a woman likes or dislikes. If you know a woman doesn't like roses, don't buy them! Not only would you fail to please her with roses, on the contrary, she might feel that you don't value her because you don't pay attention to her wishes.

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