How does a man feel about a lover? 4 emotions that attract men to lovers

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Strong physical attraction, desire for adventure, ego or love? How does a man feel about a lover? Can a love affair develop into a serious relationship? Read how men feel about their lovers and what are the signs that he is in love with you.

Strong physical attraction

You attract him like a magnet. When you appear near him, he won't take his eyes off you. The spark between a man and a woman cannot be overlooked. If the attraction is mutual and a man feels that you want him too, he will lose all inhibitions. Mutual chemistry between people is an important prerequisite for a happy relationship. However, it is not the only attribute.

Are your conversations all about sex—as well as your time together? Doesn't he ask how was your day? Does he not care about your worries, problems, or what makes you happy? Your relationship is probably all about sex. You probably won't hear the sweet words "I love you" from him.

An escape from reality

Milenka is often a synonym for a man of a safe and comfortable haven, where he can forget all the worries of everyday life. He feels relaxed with you, and therefore he can easily confide in you his worries and troubles. You make him feel attractive, wanted, special and successful. And that makes him feel good. If everything revolves around his person and his ego, it's probably not true love.


The time you spend together is filled only with sex and fun. You don't have to deal with a joint mortgage, worry about children or arguments about who takes out the trash can today. You each have your own life unencumbered by commitments to each other. Unlike his wife, you don't have as much time or space to expose a man's flaws and vices. While at home he may have worries, regrets, arguments, or a stuffy atmosphere, he can laugh carefree with you and be that fun companion again. In sex, you do not yet experience the feeling of mundanity and routine, everything is new, exciting and fun. But when you start talking about relationship or love, it takes a back seat.

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A lover doesn't have to be just a pastime for a man, he can have real feelings for her. Especially if love has long since faded from his marriage and he remains in it only out of inertia or because of the children. When a woman ignores a man and his needs (or vice versa), she becomes emotionally estranged. A lover can become the one to fill the empty place in his heart.

What are the signs that he has a crush on you? Does he care about you and your feelings? Does he want to know what you're going through and what problems you're solving? Is she there for you when you feel sad? Or has he even confessed his love for you? Then it's probably a real feeling.

Do you have a chance for a serious relationship if your lover falls in love with you? There is no clear answer. It is only up to the man to decide. Obligations and responsibilities towards family and children sometimes outweigh love for another woman, and a man prefers to stay in an unhappy marriage and relationship without chemistry rather than lose children or a comfortable life.

Don't push a man into a divorce if he is hesitant or wants to keep the marriage for the sake of the children. He might blame you one day. He must decide on his own and without coercion.

An alternative to divorce is an open relationship or polyamory. In the case of polyamory, it is not exclusively about satisfying sexual needs outside of marriage, but about building a loving partnership with another person. It just depends on you what options you are open to.

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Don't be the other forever

Even if the time spent together can grow into friendship and love, a relationship with a lover is always a risky and uncertain "business". If you long for a serious relationship or a family, you will probably struggle in a romantic relationship. How long do you want to wait? Can you come to terms with being the other forever? If you desire a serious relationship and your lover does not feel that commitment, honestly end your relationship. It's pointless to stay in a relationship that has no future. Moving a house further is often worthwhile. The right one may be waiting around the corner, whom you would not otherwise have met.

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