The 5 most common ways men test women

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Even men tend to be very demanding when choosing a partner. If you are to become his chosen one, you may have to pass his subtle tests. How do men test women to see if it makes sense to invest in a relationship? Find out what tests may await you before you go on a date.

Are you a partner in discomfort?

Men like easy-going women who are not intimidated by anything. And that's why they like to check what you can endure. On a date, he can take you on a mountain hike, on the water or even under a tent. If you show that you have adventure in your blood, you will surely rise in his eyes. If you can also do it without whining about how far it is and your legs hurt, you will be in seventh heaven. Who wouldn't want to have a partner by their side who they can rely on in all circumstances?

How can such testing look like in practice? Take a look, for example, at the film Wedding Trip to Jiljí, where Josef Abrhám, as the main character, tests his future wife Libuška Šafránková. Together they go on a pre-wedding trip to the mountains, where they will subject her to many tests, pitfalls and challenges.

Aren't you too jealous?

A jealous fighter is a man's nightmare. And that's why they can test your reactions on the first date. How will you behave if he speaks flatteringly about another woman or smiles at the lady at the next table? Although a man needs to feel that you care about him, nothing should be overdone. Jealous scenes over trifles are definitely out of place.

Do you have a sense of humor?

Humor strengthens a relationship, which is why it is important for men that their significant other has a sense of humor. Men like to test if you are on the same page and can laugh together. They are also interested in how far they can go with their toys. How do you behave if a man pokes fun at you? Will you be offended, or will you easily reciprocate his teasing? If you can make fun of yourself, that's a big plus for most men. If, on the other hand, a man touches you with a dig or accidentally hits your sensitive spot, say so - honestly, but without unnecessary insults or hysteria.

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Do you get along with his friends?

A close circle of friends is important to a man, and therefore he will probably test how well you and his friends get along. Won't spoil the fun and keep up with them? If you're going to be his soul mate, you'll probably see his friends every now and then. If you don't accept him with his closest companions, it will probably be difficult. Still, it's not worth pretending. If his friends do not sit well with you, tactfully indicate this to your counterpart and tell him the reasons why you do not like them.

Will he like you even without makeup?

Men have a vague idea that a woman without makeup can look completely different than with makeup. Will she even recognize you if you're not wearing any makeup? That's a question that's sure to be on his mind if you're not into the all-natural style. And so it can happen that the place at the agreed time surprises you half an hour later. Why? So that he can see how you look with no hair done, in your home clothes and no make-up. Do you open it without make-up and with curlers on your head, as if it didn't work? Or will your early arrival derail you and leave the man trampling in front of the house? Men love women to the point of discomfort, who won't let anything or anyone sway them.

Aren't you a gold digger?

Gold diggers are most men's nightmare. He will test whether you are interested in him or especially in his account by pretending to be a hoarder. When you go out to lunch at a restaurant and the waiter brings the bill, he may deliberately leave it on the table unnoticed. This is the moment when he waits for you to pull out your wallet, get angry, or pretend you don't see the bill. If you reach for it, you get plus points.

Don't break anything over the knee

Now you know how men test women with whom they plan more than one date. Thanks to this, you can be one step ahead, but a healthy relationship should not be based on pretense. Don't pretend to be someone you're not just to get a man. If you don't get along with his friends, hike in the mountains or sleep in a tent, and find his jokes more awkward than funny, be honest. If you don't understand each other now, the relationship probably has no future. When you find out that a man doesn't want you the way you are, it's not the end of the world. You just haven't found the right one.

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