What women desire: What do women want from a man and how do they choose a partner?

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They say women don't know what they want. Understanding women's desires and wishes is sometimes difficult for men. A woman's mind is like a glass maze with no entrance to a man - they can watch every nook and cranny from the outside, but they can never get inside. In addition, there are many age-old myths in society surrounding the choice of a partner - but do women really want a tough alpha male, while good men stay on the vine? Do they prefer possessions and money? Or is it actually different? What do women really desire and how do they choose a partner?

Women want a strong man they can lean on

Although every woman is different and has unique characteristics, wishes and desires, most women agree that they want to have a reliable and strong partner by their side who will not break like a blade of grass in the wind at the first difficulties. If he also has these seven qualities, you will become a hot candidate for the ideal partner:

  • Sense of humor

Women love men who can make them laugh and who can also laugh at themselves. It is not for nothing that it is said that laughter heals and strengthens a relationship. Couples who can wave their hands over the little things and prefer to laugh together tend to have a more contented and stronger relationship. However, be careful not to hurt a woman's weak point or offend her with an inappropriate joke.

  • Mutual attraction

Mutual spark and chemistry adds juice to the relationship. As they say, where there is nothing, the devil does not care. Even if we don't influence chemistry, it is absolutely essential to a relationship. When a man desires a woman, he responds most to visual stimuli, while women respond more to scents. A pleasant smell or perfume can stimulate passion and desire in a woman. However, if you are not attracted to her at the beginning and do not "smell like her", the relationship probably has no future.

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  • The art of listening

Women want a man who listens to them. No unsolicited advice, lecturing, belittling or moralizing. The right one listens whenever you want to confide in him about your troubles or joy. He expresses his support and sympathy to her. He is interested in what she is experiencing and how her day was. He never dismisses her by saying that he is not interested in women's trifles, nor does he try to overwhelm her with his problems and worries. Women are attracted to men who show interest in their partner and give her enough time and attention.

  • Financial security

A good financial background adds to the attractiveness of men. Every good man should be able to take care of his family, including financially. Rich and successful men are sexy and usually have no need for women, ladies will forgive them a few extra kilos, older age and even baldness. The good news is that possessions and wealth are not a priority for most women. They are usually satisfied with a reasonable financial background - if you have a stable income and the executor is not knocking on your door, this is definitely a plus.

  • Gallantry and consideration

Even in the 21st century, men - knights are still in vogue. Emancipated women are also pleased when a man is gallant – he holds the door for her when she gets into the car, is the first to enter a restaurant, helps her with her coat or pays the bill at a restaurant. Plus, if you can deal with a clogged drain or a dripping tap, you'll be in heaven! In short, gallantry is sexy and makes a woman feel special.

Consideration is also important for women in love games. Men who know how women like it have a great advantage. Do not rush too quickly to the goal and satisfaction of your needs. For women, foreplay and the length of intercourse are important. Also, don't be afraid to communicate her needs and wants, this will give you the best idea of how to please her.

  • Activity

A man who sits down after work with a bottle with his hands on a football and moves from the couch to the bed in the evening is not sexy for a woman. Women are attracted to active men who have their own hobbies, come up with a weekend program for the family, take the children to the zoo or for a bike ride, and engage in housework without a word.

  • Optimism and inner strength

Women want a strong man by their side who they can lean on even in difficult times. They don't need an immature child, a rival or a surrogate father. They also appreciate a man's positive attitude and optimism. To live life next to a negative person who is constantly in a bad mood, sees everything black, constantly complains about something, criticizes everything and everyone and collapses at the first problem... In short, this is not a very attractive prospect.

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Bottom Line. You don't have to look like Brad Pitt, have a platinum credit card, drive a Lamborghini, or have a reputation as an alpha male. All you have to do is be a real supporter of a woman, listen to her, take care of her and treat her with respect.

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