5 tips to keep your long distance relationship strong and loving

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Everyday longing, feeling lonely and zero physical contact... All this will test your relationship and your love. How long can a long distance relationship last before the partners drift apart? Does he have any chance of survival? A well-known saying goes: where there's a will, there's a way. Learn how to keep a long-distance relationship strong and intimate, even if you're hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

Maintain daily communication

Communication is the alpha and omega of any relationship, and this is doubly true in the case of a long-distance relationship. When partners do not regularly spend time with each other, tension grows between them and a feeling of gradual estrangement. Make time every day for at least a short phone or video call. During the day, please your counterpart with a text: "I'm thinking of you... I miss you... How is your day?" Experiencing a sense of mutual connection and sharing everyday little things is very important for maintaining a relationship.

Everyone needs a soul mate at any point in their life who can listen, encourage, comfort and be there for you when you feel miserable or lonely. Share your feelings and emotions, even if your partner is in another city or state and can't hug you. Perhaps you feel that it is unnecessary to burden your partner with your worries and spleen, so you prefer to keep them to yourself or confide in close friends. However, this is the path to gradual alienation, which is a frequent reason for the breakdown of a relationship. Talk to your partner about everything that bothers you, even about everyday little things, as if he were present next to you.

Do not neglect mutual intimacy

Couples who maintain a long-distance relationship often complain about the lack of sex and intimacy. Even if you don't have your love by your side every night, you don't have to give up on being intimate with each other. Send your partner a tickling sms, a loving photo or video, or arrange a joint "date" in the evening and call each other with a camera. In short, there are no limits to imagination. If you have never had virtual intimacy with your partner and feel shy, start with text and gradually work your way up to more personal forms such as phone or video.

Visit as much as possible

If you're thousands of kilometers apart, you probably can't see each other every fortnight. Nevertheless, you can create a regular schedule of visits that you can look forward to. Even if it was just a long weekend. Don't wait for cheap flights and don't look for excuses why it's not possible. You can wish away a few crowns saved, it's certainly not worth the estrangement in a relationship.

Have your own hobbies and interests

Did you previously live only for your partner and spend all your free time together? In an effort to create a strong relationship, we sometimes forget ourselves and thus neglect our former interests and friends. When you suddenly find yourself alone for a long time, you will probably feel lonely and bored. Don't let yourself be consumed by unpleasant emotions. Actively engage in hobbies, go out with friends or enroll in a course and start learning something new. You can then share your experiences with your partner.

Plan a future together

Let each other know that you are looking forward to a future together, even if you are currently in different places. Plan what you will do together after your partner returns. Vacation, moving house or even a wedding?

When a long distance relationship doesn't work out, end it honestly

If your bond remains rock solid despite all obstacles and pitfalls, your relationship will be stronger than ever. Trials allow us to grow and strengthen mutual trust. If, on the other hand, you and your partner become estranged despite your best efforts, you do not want to work on maintaining the relationship and you do not see a future together, be honest. Are you determined to end the relationship? So just say it. Don't wait until your partner learns from your hints, longer silences or cold messages that it is a closed chapter for you. Don't wait to break up or get back together if you know there are still long weeks or months to go. Your partner deserves to know that you no longer count on them in your life.

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We simply cannot change or influence some situations in our lives. If it is not possible to find a solution in the relationship in which you will both be satisfied, do not be troubled by remorse. You too have the right to have a person by your side with whom you will be on the same page. Don't stay in a dysfunctional relationship for fear of being alone. "What if I can't find a suitable partner anymore? What if I'm left alone?” These fears are natural, but completely odd in the modern world.

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