Unrequited unrequited love: How to fall out of love when he doesn't return your feelings?

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You can't sleep, you can't eat and you can't concentrate on anything. Your thoughts are directed towards only one person - but they do not reciprocate your feelings. Unrequited love hurts and often prevents you from moving on. Are you lulling yourself into the false hope that he will eventually fall in love with you? Or are you clinging to the idea that you and your ex will eventually get back together? Do you fight tooth and nail against other relationships while experiencing feelings of loneliness and anxiety? It's time to move on in life and let bygones be bygones. How to fall out of love when you experience unrequited love?

Lay out the cards on the table

Are you platonically in love with a person who is unattainable for you? Unless it's the President of the United States or a celebrity, the feeling of unattainability often stems from low self-esteem. Do you feel that you will not be good enough for the person you love, so you prefer to hide your feelings? Are you afraid of humiliation and ridicule? Stop underestimating yourself and lay your cards on the table. Ask him or her out and see how things go.

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If you don't take courage, you will live your whole life with the tormenting idea of what if... Even if your love remains one-sided, at least you tried. How to get rid of falling in love and consciously leave your suffering, if despite all the efforts, the counterpart does not reciprocate the feelings?

Accept reality

If you've tried hooking up with your loved one and it didn't work out, accept that they're not interested. This also applies to your exes, who you may still have deep feelings for, but they are no longer interested in a relationship with you. Do not indulge in the idea that what you are experiencing is an unfulfilled fateful love and you will never meet anyone better in your life. Forget about persuading, bombarding text messages or phone calls or even emotional blackmail. You can't force anyone to love you.

Think rationally

Stop passively waiting for your counterpart to change their mind. It probably won't make a difference and you're just wasting your time. Do you want to deprive yourself of months or years of life that you can spend happily with someone who will truly love you? True love can slip past you without you even noticing - all because you're putting all your attention and energy in the wrong direction.

Forgive yourself and others

Disappointment in love is part of life. When the spleen falls on you, remember one life wisdom - where one door closes, another opens. It would be a shame to give up on relationships just because it didn't work out with one person. Therefore, do not drag through life a feeling of bitterness, disappointment and mistrust. Whether you have experienced rejection, or even humiliation, criticism or ridicule, learn to forgive. Do not transfer negative emotions towards the opposite sex, jealousy, contempt or mistrust into other relationships. All this will only suffocate the love and everything beautiful that could be between you.

Focus on the future

Where are you headed in life? What is your goal? Think about what you dream about in life and what you want to achieve. Write a list of your dreams and plans and go after them. Would you like to travel the world or dance through many shoes? Fulfill your desires, even if you don't currently have a dream partner by your side. After all, if you're not up for a solo event, you can easily find a travel or dance partner right away. On themed speed dating for travelers or dance lovers, you will meet many kindred spirits.

Perhaps your wishes are more modest and a good job, a loving family and a warm home are enough for you. Focus on your goals and fulfill your dreams step by step - get an education, furnish a home, invest to provide for your family in the future. And don't forget that sometimes we have to wait for good things. Fated love will come sooner or later, sometimes you just have to fish in other waters.

Meet other people

Whether you are a woman unhappily in love or a man in love, do not seek contact with a person who does not reciprocate your feelings. By doing so, you are only adding to your misery. It is not for nothing that they say: out of sight, out of mind. If your love is not a colleague from work that you have to meet willy-nilly, stay away from the person with whom you are unhappily in love.

At the same time, it would be a mistake to close in solitude. Get together with the family, go to the cinema with friends and start meeting new people. Come and have fun and get acquainted, for example, on speed dating in Prague. You may find that there are many wonderful and single people around you who would love to sail through life by your side.

If you are depressed or anxious, have trouble functioning in your daily life or at work, seek professional help. Soul pain is a disease like any other, and therefore there is no reason to be ashamed.

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