6 Tips to Overcome a Midlife Crisis

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Even though you may already have everything you've ever dreamed of – a successful career, children, decent savings, you've traveled halfway around the world – doubts may be gnawing at you about whether you've missed out on something important in life. Intrusive thoughts can easily turn into depression or burnout. The midlife crisis is a difficult time. Even so, a crisis can be a great opportunity to discover yourself, understand your inner self, new beginnings and life fulfillment. How to recognize an incipient crisis? How to deal with depression and get the most out of a difficult period?

Midlife crisis comes unexpectedly

According to statistics, up to 80% of men between the ages of 35 and 50 experience a midlife crisis. However, he does not avoid women either. Middle age, i.e. the period roughly between forty and fifty, is a time of balance for many of us. Life is slowly starting to turn over to the second half. You are beginning to realize the inevitable aging and time limitations of life. Time suddenly passes faster, and therefore you may be worried about whether you will achieve everything that you dreamed of in your youth. Anxiety and depression sometimes come with the crisis.

At the same time, many stressful changes can take place in your life - grown children leave the house, you start caring for your aging parents, your long-term marriage breaks up or the first health problems come.

The crisis in men and women looks similar. You begin to ask yourself uncomfortable questions: "Have I achieved everything I wanted from life?" What awaits me in the next years?” It is perfectly natural to look for answers to whether you are happy in life and what you could do to feel a sense of fulfillment.

The problem can arise if you start building castles in the air instead of solving real problems. And that's why middle-aged men in particular solve their crises by getting a younger lover, starting a new family or buying an expensive car. Unfortunately, many of them eventually discover that the feeling of happiness and fulfillment is not in the things or people around us, but in ourselves.

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A phenomenon of modern times is also the crisis of young age, which can come after the twenty-fifth year of life. Behind it is the enormous pressure to start a career, get married and start a family, which drives young people into a corner and exposes them to excessive stress. Finding a suitable partner and having time to start a family before the age of thirty can be difficult.

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Life doesn't end after fifty

You can live a happy, satisfied and fulfilled life even after forty or fifty. When you realize this, you are half won. Don't wallow in the past and think about what could have been different. Don't blame your loved ones either. Live here and now. Often it is enough to make only small changes and life suddenly takes a new direction.

You don't have to despair even if you are left alone, feel lonely and doubt that you could ever fall in love again. Dating in your forties or fifties is quite common these days, and it has many benefits from a younger age. You no longer have to deal with looking after small children, chasing a career, and you probably already know what is really important in relationships.

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How to find a way out of the crisis?


Reflect on your successes and failures so far and write a list of what you still want to experience and what you want to achieve. It doesn't have to mean that you leave your job, your family, find a new partner and go to Nepal to meditate. You can usually work with what you already have. It is enough to sensitively communicate your visions and desires to those closest to you.

Find new hobbies and interests

If your current life seems boring, find hobbies. New interests can help you discover unknown sides of your personality and open new horizons.

Adjust your lifestyle

Regular physical activity, relaxation and a healthy diet are important for good health and mental well-being. At the same time, adjusting your lifestyle will charge you with new positive energy, thanks to which you will literally get younger.


Find time for rest, relaxation and things that make you happy. You can also try meditation or yoga to help you deal with anxiety and depression.

Work on communication

Don't close yourself off, talk to your loved ones about your feelings and what you could improve together.

Find a personal trainer or therapist

An experienced coach or therapist can point you in the right direction in life and bring a new perspective to your situation. It will also help you discover inner motivation, thanks to which you will find the strength to carry out positive changes in your life.

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