The ideal partner: 7 qualities that will reveal that you are dating the right one

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Is there an ideal partner, or is the search for Mr. Božský just a chimera and chasing the wind? Although the ideas of the ideal man are slightly different for each woman, we can still find some common features that will reveal that you are blessed with a wonderful partner for life. What does an ideal partner look like, what qualities does he have and how does he behave in a relationship? We will also reveal a tip on how to find the ideal partner for a serious relationship.

The myth of the ideal partner versus the reality

The myth of the ideal partner and the ideal relationship is the cause of many disappointments. No one is perfect, just like no partnership or marriage is perfect. Don't be swayed by the red library and unrealistic ideas about relationships that the film industry throws at us every day. In every relationship, there will be a cloud and disagreements every now and then. Many couples enter a relationship with unrealistic expectations, and sooner or later comes the sobering and inevitable disappointment.

How to behave in a relationship so that your connection remains strong and loving despite occasional arguments and crises? It is important that both partners want to work on maintaining the mutual bond even after the infatuation has faded. If they also abound in qualities that are important for maintaining a healthy and long-term relationship, this is a big plus. What qualities should not be missing in a partner with whom you wish to grow old?

1. Can communicate openly

Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. An ideal partner should be able to communicate openly, express his feelings and opinions. On the other hand, he should be open to listening. In an ideal relationship, both partners should feel respected and should be able to talk about anything.

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2. He is dependable

He doesn't talk to the wind and doesn't promise anything he doesn't want to fulfill. He is not looking for excuses, but for solutions. What he says is always true. When you agree on something, you can rely on it.

3. You can trust him

Trust is key in any relationship relationship. An ideal partner will do everything in order not to let you down. He doesn't lie, he doesn't make excuses and he doesn't look for tricks. He is honest, sincere, does not hide anything from you and deserves your trust.

4. He is empathetic and considerate

Thanks to mutual empathy, we can experience feelings of support, understanding and recognition in a relationship. The ideal partner is empathetic and can empathize with other people's feelings and needs. She can appreciate your efforts, respect your needs, notice when you are tired, sad, in a bad mood and can encourage you.

5. He respects you

Mutual respect between partners allows the relationship to grow. An ideal partner respects your opinions, boundaries and decisions, even if you don't agree on everything. He doesn't try to manipulate you, mock your opinions, or emotionally blackmail you.

6. He has a sense of humor

Spending your life with a difficult-minded partner without a sense of humor will probably drain you of all positive energy sooner or later. It is not for nothing that they say that laughter heals. Partners who can laugh together tend to have a stronger and more satisfying relationship. Laughter is a cure for many problems in life, it dissipates stress and cements a relationship. In addition, if you're on the same page and have a similar style of humor, it's a hit.

7. He has a life perspective

An ideal partner is able to rise above problems with calmness and insight, can support you even in difficult situations and does not deal with trivialities. He won't be put off by a burnt dinner and won't mind if you scratch his brand new car. Aversion to a partner will be a completely foreign concept with such a person.

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How to find a partner who will finally be the right one?
Have you met a partner who has most of the listed qualities? Then you may have hit the nail on the head. But what if you meet men who are far from ideal? They are all manipulators, alcoholics, narcissists, dependent mommies or men who refuse to grow up and take responsibility. Avoid such men.

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