Dating in Yellow Spa in the form of speed dating

Events reports

The Yellow Spa is a popular place to get to know each other. At least that's how it really is for us. The interest in getting to know each other in the fresh air in an environment of greenery and the Vltava River, as offered by this place, is really great. When someone comes to our evening for the first time, they feel the considerable freedom and space that the environment provides. The nervousness is therefore immediately there. And last but not least, after the organized part, there are several options that can be used right away, for example, with someone you just met and you like.

Our last evening in Žluty Lázně took place in front of the Tančírna premises in the garden directly overlooking the Vltava River and the green trees that surround it. Spring is slowly but surely making an appearance, so at 7 p.m., when the evening began, it was pleasant and the sun was shining.

The May evening in Prague 4 was in charge of one of our or your guides - Marek Kafka. An experienced moderator who leaves nothing to chance. He has everything perfectly prepared for our guests, just as he is determined to answer any question you may have. He will tell you everything important right at the beginning and then just watches the time and your comfort. It's up to you how you spend the evening.

As part of the already mentioned evening, 10 women and 11 men in the age category up to 38 met. Some ladies did not come alone, but in pairs with a friend or even with several friends. This is also very common with us. They ordered something good to eat or a glass of wine at a nearby outdoor bar/bistro and went to get to know each other. Maybe you wouldn't think of going to meet a friend, but if you have a single girlfriend, don't be afraid to tell her about us, and you can come to our evening together.

The evening in Zluty Lázně went like clockwork. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying good company. Even after the end of the organized part, the participants left in groups and shared their impressions with each other or continued the conversations they wanted to continue.

Our positive impression of the evening was also confirmed by the evaluations we received after the end. We always appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to improve and be more efficient for you.

Do you also want to experience an evening and meet several interesting counterparts in the same age category or with the same goal? Check out our website: and choose according to your options and preferences. We look forward to seeing you and will make sure that you enjoy the evening as much as possible!

Autor: Lucie Piedová