First date: Where to go, what to talk about and what to do?

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A first date is memorable, wonderful and full of exciting anticipation. Will we get along? Will she or he like me? What to talk about? Where to go on a date? What about a kiss on the first date? If you really care about a man or woman, you're probably worried about messing things up. Read original dating tips that will knock the thorn out of you.

Where to go on a date?

Where to take a girl on a date? A favorite place for a first date is a coffee shop - a neutral place where you can have an undisturbed and informal chat. The cinema doesn't have to be a mistake either. But the problem is that you don't talk much in the cinema, so you don't get to know each other very well. However, this is easily solved if you go to a restaurant for a good dinner after the cinema.

If both of you are athletes in body and soul, you can go in-line, bike, climbing wall, mini golf or even bowling. There are no limits to imagination, the main thing is that the chosen activity excites both.

For adventurers who don't like to spend time sitting in a cafe or restaurant, a picnic or a trip can be a great option. Where to go on a date in Prague? There are plenty of options for what to do in Prague. You can go on a romantic picnic in Letenské, Petřínské or Riegrový orchards, which offer picturesque views of Prague. Stromovka, Hvězda nature reserve, Prokopské údolí, Vyšehrad or Ladronka are also wonderful places for a picnic. You can also take a swim in the Hostivařský lesopark, Divoká Šárka or Đáblické haji after a picnic. You can come up with suggestions for trips together. At least you'll get a topic for conversation and a supply of ideas for your next date.

For a first date, you can also plan a trip to the ZOO or the Botanical Gardens in Prague, which are certainly not just for families with children, but also for couples in love. And what to do in Prague when it rains? You can also choose from an abundance of monuments, nearby castles, chateaux, museums and galleries. However, interesting places are not only in Prague. Romantic places perfect for a first date can be found all over the Czech Republic. Just search around.

TIP: Would you like to go on a romantic walk around Prague, but don't have anyone to go with? Come to our dating walks for singles.

What to talk about on a first date?

Especially men often wonder what to talk about with a girl so that she doesn't get bored? If a man is not very talkative, he may choose a more listening strategy. You don't have to come up with funny questions for a girl or a complicated conversation topic with a girl to talk about on a date. Ask what the woman likes - how she spends her free time, what her hobbies are, what movies she watches or what music she likes. On the first date, leave aside too intimate questions that may be uncomfortable for the other person - typically why the previous relationship did not work out, what are his sexual preferences, how much does he earn, whether he lives in a rented house or his own, etc. If, on the other hand, a man is too talkative, he should hold back a bit. If you don't let a woman speak, she probably won't go on another date with you. Don't be self-centered, arrogant, or overemphasize your strengths or accomplishments. At the same time, don't underestimate yourself or feel sorry for yourself. Your counterpart will appreciate healthy assertiveness and self-confidence the most.

Also, before a date, ladies usually think about how to start a conversation with a guy. If you stick to the above topics, you definitely won't go wrong. Men also like to talk about their hobbies, free time, music and movies.

TIP: How to please a girl and conjure up a relaxed atmosphere on the first date? Gentlemen can bring a small gift to the date. What to buy a girl or woman you don't know very well yet? A small flower is suitable for a first date. One rose is enough to show that you care about a woman.

A kiss on the first date?

Did you have a good time on your date? Do you feel that you are on the same page and there is a mutual spark between you? This situation is perfect for a first kiss. Try to lean slightly towards your partner at the appropriate moment, smile and… kiss!

If you are seeing each other for the first time and you haven't gotten to know each other very well, a woman may not be in the mood for a kiss with a "stranger". Follow your intuition. If the occasion or atmosphere isn't right for a kiss, don't push it over the knee. A friendly kiss on the cheek to say goodbye will do just fine. If you put too much pressure on the saw, you can discourage the counterpart. Some people need more time to bond with someone. If the kiss doesn't happen on the first date, you don't have to throw a flint in the rye. If the counterpart wants to see you again next time, that's a good sign!

TIP: Are you worried about being embarrassed or too nervous on your first date? Read how to behave on a first date.

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