How to leave a relationship and how to cope with a breakup?

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A bad breakup can mark us for a very long time. If you want to leave a relationship, try to do as little damage as possible. Arguments, blaming each other, criticizing, gossiping, giving false hopes and promises... All these should be avoided when ending a relationship or divorcing a marriage. How to break up with dignity and how to survive a breakup with a loved one?

How to recognize a dysfunctional relationship?

Wondering how to recognize a bad relationship that has no future? If you don't feel mutual support in each other, you don't look forward to spending time together, you don't have any common interests or plans for the future, you don't agree on life priorities and values, you are probably at a dead end. A relationship has no future even with a toxic person, a manipulator, an alcoholic, a despot, a gambler, a morbidly jealous person and other pathological personalities.

How to break up with a partner?

Are you wondering when and how to leave a relationship that is not working for a long time? Have you tried all the ways to fix your relationship but nothing works? If you have definitely decided to break up, there is no point in delaying for a long time. However, if you're on the fence and want to throw a pitchfork into a relationship just to get attention, think twice. A demonstrative breakup may not go the way you want it to, and it's usually not the solution to your relationship woes.

How to end a relationship that, despite all efforts, does not work and has no future? Forget about breaking up via SMS or a message on the fridge. Your partner deserves to know the reasons why you are breaking up with them. Be straight and explain what is driving you to end the relationship. If you don't talk things out with each other, they can haunt you for months, sometimes even years. Be sensitive but honest, even if it hurts. At the same time, don't give your counterpart any false hopes if you don't want to give him another chance.

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Don't prolong the suffering

Whether you're getting a divorce or dealing with a breakup with a lover, the few weeks or months after the end of a relationship can be challenging. How to behave after a breakup so that the loss of a beloved partner hurts as little as possible? When you end the relationship, it is best to move out of the shared residence immediately. A friend or even family can provide you with temporary asylum. If you stay longer than necessary, you risk going round and round in circles. Also, forget about goodbye sex and other mistakes that are often made by separating couples.

Find the courage to leave the relationship with everything and don't prolong your suffering unnecessarily. Also avoid unnecessary contact, including correspondence. Research shows that couples recover much faster emotionally after a breakup if they limit all contact. There is no universal rule for when to talk after a breakup. If you have children together with your ex-partner, you probably cannot avoid contact. Even in this case, it pays to communicate factually, briefly and above all with a cool head.

Don't gossip and don't try to paint the ex

Whatever your ex-partner was, don't lower yourself to gossip and intrigue. Don't even show off on social media and try to paint him with photos and statuses about how great you are without him or her. Do not look for what your ex-spouse posts on the networks and if she is still single or has a new acquaintance.

Do not succumb to momentary emotions

The end of a relationship is accompanied by many emotions. Couples often experience grief, sadness, and loneliness after a breakup. Even if you can rationally reason that a dysfunctional or loveless relationship had no future, the heart may sing a different song. And so it is not surprising that you may be overwhelmed by thoughts, if you and your partner were not better after all. At times like these, try to make a list of why you ended the relationship and how your life is better without your ex. By getting back into a relationship, you would probably only prolong your pain and suffering from repeated breakups. If you do come to the conclusion that ending the relationship was a mistake, don't hang your head. There is still hope and options to rebuild a relationship after a breakup.

Surround yourself with best friends

How to get over a breakup when you're feeling lonely and moody? Surround yourself with a bunch of friends. Even if you feel down and would rather not get out of bed for a week, friends will pull you out of the worst. Going out with a great group is better than sitting at home on the couch and eating a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate. Also, avoid watching romantic movies that make you constantly wonder why you two didn't work out. Let bygones be bygones and watch a comedy instead to distract your dark thoughts.

If you feel depressed, have anxiety or panic attacks, don't hesitate to see a psychologist who will help you process the breakup.

Focus on the future

Don't bother yourself with endless thoughts and "what if" considerations. Don't blame yourself for what you could have done differently and better. It is important to learn from mistakes and not carry them into the next relationship. Focus on what you need in life, where you are going and what kind of partner you would like to have by your side in the future.

While you may feel lonely after a breakup, moving from relationship to relationship may not be the wisest solution. You should only start a new relationship when you have definitively closed one life stage behind you and are ready to set off on the next journey with a clean slate.

Don't worry about not being able to find a partner either. Everyone has a soul mate waiting for them in life. When you are ready, meet your destiny and come to meet people at dating evenings in Prague.

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