5 solid reasons why you prefer to travel as a couple instead of a solo event

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Independence is certainly a good quality that will make life easier for you and help you overcome a whole range of obstacles. Although you can handle yourself quite well in everyday life and solo events do not cause you any difficulties at all, traveling unaccompanied may not always be worth it. Find out why it's better to travel as a couple and where to find a travel partner.

You save
Solo travel usually gets pretty expensive. You have no one to share the costs with. If you are traveling as a couple, you will share the payment for accommodation, a taxi to the airport or perhaps a rental car. Save money on your next vacation as you find.

You can share
"Shared joy, double joy", says a well-known saying. Sharing all the experiences and the joy of discovering new places with your partner is priceless. At the same time, shared experiences will bond you together, and you might get a wonderful friend for life. And such friends are definitely more valuable than random acquaintances you meet on the road.

You have someone to rely on
Have you ever experienced something really unpleasant on vacation? It can be an illness, an accident, a stolen wallet with a payment card and documents, or perhaps a lost suitcase at the airport. There is nothing better than having someone to lean on in difficult situations. Your travel partner will certainly not let you down. Think twice about solo action, especially if you intend to go on a journey outside of civilization or have fallen into a passion for extreme sports. Being stuck with a broken leg in the middle of the wilderness or high in the mountains, with a flat flashlight on your cell phone and no help... You just don't want to experience this.

You discourage annoying detours
A solo traveler is usually the target of all kinds of annoyances who like to make shallow conversation and can make the day pretty miserable. It is also an attraction for all kinds of fraudsters who do not have honest intentions. Especially the fairer sex can find themselves in a difficult situation. Being a woman alone in the middle of a big Indian city or in the exotic Orient is simply annoying even for a seasoned and experienced traveler. With your partner by your side, no one will probably dare to touch you.

You fill both seats on the bus
Sitting alone on a bus or plane? This can literally be a nightmare. You never know who will sit next to you. Honestly, sitting for several hours next to someone who is sweaty, snoring, arguing on the phone with their partner or trying to stop talking to you at all costs... You probably don't really want that.

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