Finding a partner for a serious relationship and family is becoming increasingly difficult. How to meet when your biological clock starts ticking?

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Are you looking for a partner for a serious relationship with whom you can finally start planning a joint future and family? Finding a partner who longs for a baby and wants to participate in its upbringing and care is becoming more and more difficult. Although this problem is more often a problem for women, there are also more men who are ready for a serious relationship and the arrival of a child, but are searching in vain for a soul mate who feels the same way. Where to meet the right one or the right one for whom the child and family come first?

Not feeling ready? Better not push the saw.

For many people, freedom, hobbies or career play a major role in their lives, which is why family life is not very appealing to them. There is an increase in the number of women who spend many years in a relationship that leads nowhere. Years go by and the partner still has a lot of excuses, or simply doesn't feel ready to start a family. If partners diverge in their visions of a joint future, the relationship usually falls apart sooner or later. At the same time, it makes no sense to put pressure on your partner. Either you immediately discourage him and he will end the relationship on his own, or in the worst case, he will comply with you, but family life may not fulfill him and the relationship may fall apart over time anyway. The situation will be even worse for the woman when she is left alone to take care of and raise the child, because the man did not feel ready for the role of father. After the birth of a joint child, it was only confirmed.

What to do if you live with a partner who keeps putting off starting a family? Try to explain to him the advantages of parenthood at a younger age. You have more energy, more patience and you will also cope better with lack of sleep. If you love your partner and he is a wonderful guy who you can imagine as a father in the future, give yourself a date until which you are willing to wait. If the partner doesn't change his mind even by then, maybe he is not the right partner for a joint journey through life. In the case when the partner categorically refuses to start a family and excludes him in the future, there is probably nothing to wait for. You have to consider whether your child and family come first, or your current boyfriend or husband.

Choice matters. Where to find a wonderful partner for life and for the family?

If you want a baby, choose a partner for whom family comes first in life. Avoid any alcoholics, manipulators, bullies, notorious slackers or workaholics with a diary full to bursting. But where to find a wonderful guy who longs for children and time spent by the "family hearth"? First, you can search in the circle of acquaintances and friends. Or try a dating site for a serious introduction. However, in the case of online dating, you have to be patient. You are in for a lengthy correspondence and circling dates. Some women also experience messages with inappropriate content. Unfortunately, sexual harassment on online dating sites is not uncommon.

If you don't have the time or nerves for online dating, try a modern way of getting to know each other - so-called speed dating. For singles who want to settle down and start a family, there are special thematic dating evenings called "family and serious relationship". Come and meet only those who are ready to start a family and a serious relationship. You will be sure to sail on the same wave.

The evening takes place in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, which will be provided by a skilled moderator. A big advantage is that you can meet up to 9 single colleagues in one single evening. You don't have to deal with any awkward situations, moments of awkward silence if you have nothing to say, or think about how to politely and sensitively reject your counterpart if you don't like them.

You only have 5 minutes to chat with one counterpart on speed dating. That's enough to reveal a mutual liking, but not enough to get bored if the spark doesn't fly. At the end of the dating evening, you decide for yourself who caught your eye. You can discretely mark colleagues who were nice to you on a card. If there is a match, the moderator will exchange your contacts after the end of the evening. The next date will be completely under your control. Come have fun, get to know each other and find a soulmate for a life journey together. Just book the date of your fabulous date.

Autor: Jakub Žwak