Divorce after fifty: Does it make sense to start again from scratch?

Láska a vztahy

Divorce after fifty? A fairly common phenomenon today. The children have left the house, communication is creaking, common interests are missing, and the marriage has practically nothing. Coping with the loss of a partner with whom you have lived for twenty or thirty years is not easy. However, life does not end with divorce. The end of one life stage means the beginning of a new one, which can be even better than the previous one.

Put an end to all failed relationships
Do you have years of arguments, recriminations, petty disputes, painful infidelities? Or was your marriage accompanied by dismissive silence and gradual estrangement? Living in a toxic or unfulfilled relationship tends to be stressful and leaves many scars on the soul. After divorce, many men and women in their fifties withdraw into solitude. People who have experienced humiliation, lack of appreciation and constant reproaches from their partner suffer from low self-confidence. But it is a great shame to live the next 30 or 40 years in loneliness and bitterness. We all subconsciously long for a soulmate with whom we can share our daily sorrows and joys. And age doesn't change that!

It didn't work out once, it will work out a second time. Unlike your younger self, you already know what kind of partner you need by your side, and you have enough relationship experience. Have you also learned from your own mistakes and do you understand that both partners have to work on a happy relationship? All these are ideal prerequisites for starting again and better.

A relationship after 50 is just as beautiful as in 20
Relationships in the twenties or thirties tend to be stormy, full of passion and strong emotions. On the other hand, through all the passions and raging hormones, one can easily overlook many things in the behavior and character of one's counterpart that should set off a warning light in one's head. After a few years, when the infatuation fades, a harsh sobering up can come.

A relationship after fifty tends to be calmer and more balanced. Hysterical scenes, stormy arguments or watching over your partner at every step? You don't need that anymore. But you can love as strongly and truly as you did when you were twenty.

Dating after 50 is no longer a taboo
Dating in your 50s or 60s? No one will stop to think about it. There are many 50+ dating sites, 60+ dating sites or senior dating sites on the Internet. If you have nowhere to meet, try a popular type of dating site - dating evenings called speed dating. Compared to online dating sites, speed dating has many advantages. No more lengthy correspondence, filling out profiles and viewing retouched photos, which are usually very far from reality. On speed dating, you can meet several single partners face to face in one evening.

During the evening you exchange a few words with everyone and at the end you decide who you would like to go on the next date with. If there is a match, the moderator will give you the contacts. The next date will be completely under your own control. If there is no match, you will avoid an awkward rejection. The entire evening is anonymous and only couples who have caught each other's eye will get in touch. Visit fun dating evenings in Prague and see for yourself that dating after fifty is worth it!

Autor: Jakub Žwak