Documentary series about women is looking for protagonists

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Do you think that in TV series there are only unrealistic stories that have nothing to do with ordinary life? That it is not so easy to find the man of your dreams? This is about to change with the new documentary series that director Adéla Komrzý and her team are preparing, and now they are looking for protagonists.

We are looking for a woman aged 35-45 for a new documentary series. A woman who hasn't been lucky with a man in her life so far and doesn't have any children yet. A woman who has decided to do something about it and is actively looking for a future partner with whom she would like to start a family.

Is it you? If so and you would like to live an adventure and gain an interesting experience, contact the production directly at

Send a short CV with a photo to the creators and tell them what interested you about the challenge. And maybe you'll become a heroine who will show other women that she doesn't stand a chance alone. With the selected women, the crew will shoot one day of filming every two to three weeks for several months, and the filming will be remunerated.

"In the series, we want to show women who are single for various reasons and have decided to find a new partner. We want the series to be authentic and show the real life that millions of us live. That's why we try to find the most diverse composition of our participants. And that is also the reason why we are addressing you in this way," concludes director Adéla Komrzý.

Autor: Produkce