The First Kiss: A Simple Guide to Kissing on a First Date Without Missteps

Láska a vztahy

Kissing on a first date is one of the nice ways to show your interest or feelings to the other person. With a kiss, you often also confirm that you want to belong to each other as a couple. In short, the first kiss is an important milestone in a relationship, so it's no wonder that you're probably nervous and worried about messing things up. Read this simple guide and you will experience your best kiss that will forever be etched in your memory and heart.

Make eye contact
Have you had an amazing date and feel that there is a spark between the two of you? If you long for a kiss, wait for the right opportunity. Definitely don't pounce on your counterpart like a predator on the hunt. If the other party is not on the same wavelength, you would probably experience an unpleasant faux pas. You don't need a step-by-step guide on how to learn to kiss. All you have to do is first approach your significant other slowly and make eye contact. The best way to tell if you both want the same thing is by looking at the eyes. Even before you kiss, you can grab your love's hands or hips and close the distance between you... If your counterpart doesn't budge, enjoy your first love kiss.

Close your eyes and engage your tongue
Close your eyes while kissing and feel the magic of the moment. Also note the reaction of your counterpart. Does he willingly return your kisses? Then everything is on the best track. After a while, you can also include language in your game. Kissing with the tongue is one of the most popular types of kisses. During the kiss, open your mouth slightly and start to move your tongue slightly. It's not a science, follow your intuition and don't think unnecessarily if your kissing technique is the right one. But don't be too game. Probing your tonsils with your tongue or smacking every nook and cranny of your mouth… that's not very sexy.

If you're not in the mood for a French kiss yet, feel free to stick with tongueless kissing. If you are serious about it with your new half, you can safely postpone French kissing, neck kissing and other exploration of the unknown until the next date. At least you'll have something to look forward to.

Check your breath
Before you go on a date and start thinking about how to kiss the girl or boy of your dreams, treat your mouth to perfect hygiene. Even the most romantic and best kiss is spoiled by bad-smelling breath. If you're going on a date straight from work, take your toothbrush with you. If you have ordered dinner in a restaurant, do not eat strongly aromatic dishes with garlic. Use a breath freshener, menthol candy or gum in a discreet place after a meal. Then there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your first love kiss together.

If things didn't spark on the first date, that's okay. You probably weren't meant to be. Come and meet in a simple and fun way at one of our dating evenings for singles in Prague. With themed evenings for travelers, dance lovers, dog walkers and other interest groups, you may finally find your soulmate. Sharing common hobbies and interests is always a plus in a relationship.

Autor: Jakub Žwak