Sitting under the linden trees in Zluty Lázně

Events reports

Dating evenings are no longer just an intimate affair. Informal in the sense that some people are comfortable with the peace and environment of a restaurant or cafe, while others may feel cramped in such an environment. That is why we also organize outdoor acquaintance walks, or evenings organized outside under the blue sky without a walk. Our evening in the Yellow Spa was exactly like that. Our nice moderator Anička added a touch to the nice environment. Are you interested in how such evenings work and what are their benefits? Follow our social networks to learn more.

The weather was kind to us in Žluty Lázně, and a total of 14 participants managed to get to know each other in an hour or so.

After all the ladies had a chance to chat with all the men, we ended our session under the lime trees. Everyone was given a chance to finish their notes and decide with whom they would like to continue their conversations and acquaintances. And they could sit there for a while and finish their started conversations.

The sun was slowly setting and a stall with good drinks was just a few meters away. An ideal place to continue a pleasant evening. Perhaps we witnessed not only the emergence of new partnerships, but also friendships.

You too can experience such an evening. It is up to you what type of evening you choose. A date night in a cafe with good coffee or a walk in nature or perhaps an ice cream tasting. And don't worry, the fact that it's holidays and summer won't stop us, on the contrary. You can find all planned dating evenings here.


Good luck in your personal relationships!

Autor: Jakub Žwak