The dark corners of an extramarital affair

Láska a vztahy

Mistress and lover. Two beings who must hide their mutual affection from the world. A relationship with the flavor of the forbidden fruit can be tempting. However, it often ends with a bitter experience, destroyed relationships or a broken heart. What can a love relationship bring you and when is it better to end it?

Why is love relationship attractive?

A 30+ love relationship is often an attempt to escape from a dysfunctional relationship. It is also a band-aid for long-term unfulfillment of desires or cooling by the current partner. It tends to be very intense at the beginning. You've finally found someone who spends time with you, listens to you, and helps fulfill your long-suppressed desires.

While a romantic relationship may satisfy your needs for a time, it does not come without a bitter aftertaste. On the other side of the scale, put a host of problems that you need to prepare for. Searching for excuses why you suddenly spend more time away from home, remorse and in the end maybe divorce, family breakup, fighting over children. It's not easy even for an unmarried lover or lover. The thought of a loved one returning home to their family is corrosive and devastating. Remorse of conscience, depression, anxiety or sleep disorders are also common.

If it is not a one-time infidelity, but a long-term love relationship, sooner or later the infidelity will probably break. Ask yourself, is the possible trouble worth it? Isn't it better to work on the current relationship or end it honestly?

When to end a romantic relationship?

Do you feel that your relationship with your lover is doing you more harm than good? Are you afraid of the breakup of the family, or do you still believe that your marriage has a chance? Then you're probably wondering when to end a romantic relationship.

You want to save your family or marriage

Don't want to throw away the years you spent with your current partner? Do you find it pointless to break up your family for a momentary romance? Remember that you cannot sit on two chairs at the same time. Act before infidelity breaks through and destroys your marriage. Think about where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? Can you imagine a future with a lover? If you do not see a future with your lover, breaking up is the best option. Better devote your energy and free time to things that have meaning. Talk about your feelings with your partner and try to find a compromise. And above all, try to devote yourself to your children, if you have them, keep in mind that they suffer the most from the breakup of partners.

The lover does not want to leave the current relationship

Have you fallen in love and want a lover all to yourself? If your lover does not intend to divorce, or keeps postponing the solution, you are probably just wasting time and prolonging the agony. You deserve to experience a fulfilling, joyful and fulfilling relationship. He can spend every free moment with his unmarried partner, plan a joint future and introduce him to family and friends. You can get to know each other even today on speed dating for singles in Prague.

How to end a love relationship?

If you have decided to end the relationship with your lover, be fair and honest. Say what the reasons are that lead you to break up and don't be swayed by promises, insistence, crying or blackmail.

Autor: Jakub Žwak