Romantic walk in Vyšehrad

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In recent weeks, spring has really been in full beauty. The beautiful weather made us think about how to diversify the dating evening, so we organized a dating walk in the beautiful Prague Vyšehrad.

What could be more romantic than walking in the setting sun over the Prague walls. The dinner was attended by 7 women and 7 men. Maybe it was the weather, maybe a group of people, in any case there was a very good mood throughout the evening. After all, the moderator of the evening, Norbert, also contributed to this, entertaining the participants from the very beginning with his cute Czechoslovak performance.

The weather was fine and in an hour and a while we managed to get around all the most beautiful views that the Prague monument has to offer. After about 6 minutes, the men took turns with all the women present. And somewhere it sparkled. There was laughter from the individual couples and the hands of the participants pointed to various Prague landmarks during the conversations.

When all the ladies had the opportunity to talk to all the men, we ended our walk at the local cafe. Everyone was given the opportunity to write down their notes and decide with whom they would like to deepen their relationship and who they would like to know more about.

And what about the evening started? After the acquaintance evening, the entertainment of most participants continued in the already mentioned cafe, where everyone could get to know each other even more and enjoy a nice evening. Maybe we witnessed not only the emergence of new partnerships, but also friendships.

You too can experience such an evening. It's up to you what type of evening you choose. Dating evening in a cafe with a good coffee or a walk in nature or ice cream tasting. All planned dating evenings can be found here: Dating events

Autor: Jakub Žwak