International Women's Day: Why is it celebrated and how to celebrate it today?

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Women are exceptional and deserve their special day. Although we celebrate a lot of modern holidays today, such as Valentine's Day, Halloween or St. Patrick's Day, International Women's Day is forgotten. Even 30 years ago, he was accompanied by exuberant celebrations. What is the original idea of Women's Day and how to conceive of the celebration in a modern coat?

Communists and red carnations

The older generation still remembers the MDŽ celebrations with the traditional red carnation, corporate celebrations, poems by women representatives and television shows during the socialist era. The Communists linked this day to the infamous propaganda of socialism, thereby degrading it to a farce level. Women celebrated themselves as diligent workers, mothers and builders of socialism.

The celebrations often ended with the men drinking into the pub at night and the women returning to their domestic duties. That is why many Czechs still remember the bitter taste of the previous regime when they mention MDŽ. And that's a shame.

The memory of the bravery of women who changed the world

However, the history and origin of the ICE has nothing to do with communism. It dates back to before World War I, when only men had the right to vote. Women met once a year to promote equality for all - men and women.

In 1908, 40,000 women marched through the streets of New York in protest. They demanded political and electoral rights, as well as reduced working hours and wage increases. In most countries, women did not have the right to vote until after World War I. In memory of the equality struggle, National Women's Day has been celebrated in the USA since 1909. The holiday arrived in Europe 2 years later. We commemorate him on March 8.

The original idea of the holiday is a reminder of women's solidarity, the fight for equality, justice and social development.

How to celebrate International Women's Day today?

Do not miss the opportunity and celebrate MDŽ as it should, because there is definitely something to celebrate. The right to study, to vote, to work freely has not always been a matter of course for women. And because even today it is not easy to be a woman, ladies rightly deserve their day and a proper celebration. This day is marked by strong, loving and dedicated women, without whom you would not be who you are. Therefore, do not forget them.

Today, however, carnations and men's sitting in the pub are grazing. There are many ways to express to women that they are exceptional. Give a girlfriend, wife, colleague at work, girlfriend or mother a flower or a box of chocolates or another small gift.

If you are celebrating in a couple, treat yourself to dinner in a restaurant, cinema, home-brewing with a drink or wellness. If you have no one to celebrate with, go on a quick date in Prague and meet several wonderful unmarried counterparts in 1 evening. You can celebrate the next MDŽ with your half.

Autor: Jakub Žwak