Women's menstrual cycle? A bit of a mystery for men

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What happens to a woman's body during the menstrual cycle? How are fertile days counted and when can a woman get pregnant? Read some interesting facts about menstruation and you will probably be surprised how much it can affect behavior, mood or desire for sex.

How not to upset a woman unnecessarily? Respect the natural phases of its period!
The length of the menstrual cycle is on average 28 days. Some women suffer from irregular menstruation or menstrual disorders. Normally, however, a woman's cycle is around 21 to 35 days. During this time, a lot of things happen in the woman's body - the level of hormones changes and with it the woman's energy, mood and behavior.

Some days she may be tired and moody, and then it is not advisable to tease the snake with bare feet. At other times, she is cheerful and active and will appreciate your closeness and even a little teasing. If you discover the secrets of the menstrual cycle, you can prepare for the rise and fall in advance and establish harmony in the relationship. The menstrual schedule will also tell you when and how to seduce a woman.

How is the menstrual cycle calculated?

Menstrual phase

The first phase begins on the first day of bleeding, which lasts for 3-7 days. An unfertilized egg is flushed out of the body along with the blood. A woman can suffer from lower abdominal pain, fatigue, and physical and mental depression.

Gentlemen, let the ladies rest and give them kind care. If a woman feels tired, do not plan more demanding activities.

Dynamic phase

The second phase begins in parallel with the menstrual phase and lasts about 14 days. Hormones stimulate the growth of new cells in the ovary, from which a new egg develops. At this stage, the woman has the highest estrogen levels. This often brings her a surge of energy, the woman is more communicative, better concentrated, has more beautiful and clearer skin, higher self-confidence and also a greater desire to cuddle.

With gusto, you can embark on more demanding activities, sports or realize your fantasies on how best to satisfy a woman.

Stages of ovulation

In the third phase, which lasts 2-3 days, the mature egg is released into the fallopian tube. During this time, she is most likely to become pregnant. A woman is more sensitive, emotional, caring and has a greater desire for sex.

How to excite a woman at this stage? Show her your love and embrace her with tenderness. Save in the relationship unnecessary criticism that could derail her, and be empathetic.

PMS phase

The PMS phase, also called premenstrual syndrome, lasts 13-14 days. Typical is alternating moods, crying, irritability, alternating waves of energy and exhaustion, skin deterioration, less appetite for sports and sex.

Some women may find you overly critical at this time, constantly irritated and sometimes unbearable. Don't worry, this phase will pass and it will be better again. Be patient and don't give the woman unnecessary excuses to argue.

Sex during menstruation

Women often wonder how best to satisfy a man in bed or how to excite him while kissing during their period. If both partners are open to try sex during menstruation, there is nothing to stop it. Don't be afraid to talk about it together. If it is taboo for both or one of the pair, pay attention to cuddling.

What excites women and men? The guaranteed way to provoke men is usually oral sex. It's different for women. Therefore, the best thing to do is to ask your halves what he wants.

Respecting the natural phases of a woman's cycle is a good guide for both men and women on how to maintain empathy in a relationship and bring harmony to the relationship.

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