How to get a sexy girl even if you are not Brad Pitt?

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Sexy girls are a dream of almost all men. Reaching beautiful women, however, requires a considerable dose of courage. Believe me, you don't have to look like Brad Pitt to notice you. Courage, wit and charisma can often do more than a beautiful face. But how to pack the most beautiful women when you are not a born seducer? We will tell you the tactics that women will fly like candy wasps.

Rule No 1
He wishes the brave good luck
Send timid admiring glances, send vague messages to Messenger, and wait to see if he notices you or even suggests an appointment… That's not the best strategy. Sooner or later, there will probably be a braver man who will invite her on a date and she will go. You will remain looking scalded, because it may not be nicer, nor more successful, nor more interesting than you. Make no mistake, even Czech sexy girls are not an impregnable fortress for an average confident guy.

Rule No 2
Sexy women are not looking for the most beautiful, but the strongest man

While men fly mainly to a beautiful figure, big breasts and a firm ass, beauty is not the main thing for women. Although, of course, he also likes to turn around after a beautiful guy.

Just look into the world of show business, famous athletes or politicians. Even ugly men, if successful and strong, can win beautiful women. Fortunately for you, most women don't go that high, so you don't have to join a political party or go to auditions. All you have to do is feel that you are a strong personality and you can take care not only of yourself but also of her. Just start believing more and stop underestimating yourself. If you believe it yourself, she will.

Rule No 3
No defeatist whining

Eternal complaining and whining that you are not good enough for her, or that you are failing in life and love, will kill your chances of success before you say shoemaker. So remember: Never, but really never, throw yourself in front of a woman like that! On the contrary, she must think that you are the best of the best she can have.

Rule No 4
Don't be intrusive and accessible too
The most beautiful girls must not immediately feel that you dream of meeting them day and night. Don't bombard her with text messages or social media messages. When she writes to you, wait at least a few minutes from time to time before writing off. She shouldn't feel like you're just waiting for him to write to you.

Don't be available for an appointment whenever you want. If the date isn't right for you, feel free to explain that you already have another program scheduled. But at the same time, offer her another day. Women will appreciate determination and healthy self-confidence. But there is nothing to exaggerate so that you do not make her feel that you are not interested. In the meantime, she could prefer another.

Taboo is also intrusive touching, sexist allusions and the like. This will disgust most women. You'd better give her a compliment: "You look great today". If there is an opportunity to do so at the first meeting, you can try to kiss her. Carefully approach her lips and if she moves again, kiss her. But if it jerks, don't push the saw.

That you don't have a chosen sexy girl yet? Or did she give you a basket? Don't hang your head. Come and meet a few beautiful women on speed dating in Prague and that would be fine.

Autor: Jakub Žwak