Single at the time of the covid? We know how to drive away loneliness and spleen!

Láska a vztahy

Getting to know a soul mate is a superhuman task in the covid period. Theaters, cinemas, gyms and cafes are often empty, people are more careful and stay more at home. That's why singles, pessimism, loneliness and the feeling that life is running out of their fingers. But nothing is lost, you just need to know where to look for a related half and life will get the most beautiful colors again!

Spin and depression

Do you feel that the train is leaving you, that you will not have time to meet the right one or the right one and start a family, and that you do not see any light at the end of the tunnel? Then it is a signal that your life needs change. In short, long months of solitude do not suit anyone, and in two it is better. But where do you meet when you miss an opportunity?

Online dating in lockdown

A lot of singles are trying to catch a partner on online dating in the time of the covid. But they often end up with just correspondence, which does not go anywhere and will eventually erode. More adventurous singles will invite their online dating counterparts straight to home, as there is nowhere to go or they close in companies too soon. But that doesn't have to pay off, because you never know who you're honored with. The first acquaintance should take place ideally in a neutral place.

If you have a similar experience, try to meet differently this time. In speed dating, you will meet several potential partners face to face. And only one evening will be enough for you. You will not lose valuable time and, unlike online dating, you will immediately know if the spark has jumped and you will find common ground.

And if it didn't work out? You can try again next time. Until then, you can look forward to another fun date that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Safe acquaintance

For a greater sense of security at introductory events, we check for infectivity. Come have fun, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and meet a lot of wonderful people who are just singles.

You can also try dating walks that take place outside. Take a look at the current offer: Dating walks.

Autor: Jakub Žwak