The most common mistake on a quick date. Aren't you doing it too?

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Visiting speed dating can be a significant milestone in your life. It is here that you can meet your destiny half, who will fill your life with happiness and joy. How not to fertilize it unnecessarily right at the beginning and not miss the chance for another date

How's it going on a quick date?
Speed dating is not online dating. You will experience the date live, but you can't do without an e-mail address here either. You ask why? Imagine that a woman or a man catches your eye in the evening, with whom you would like to go on another date. If the sympathies are mutual, the agency will exchange the contact for you in the form of an e-mail address.

You do not provide any more detailed personal data anywhere. Everything is completely discreet. Just fill in your first name or nickname, year of birth and e-mail address in the application form. This information is only used by the organizing agency, and you then appear anonymously at the dating evening itself. The other participants will only know about you as much as you tell them about yourself.

Don't fail at a deterrent email address
Many people do not want to state their work e-mail at the first contact, which usually reads not only the full name, but also the place where you work. Therefore, they log in under e-mails, which they established, for example, during their studies. And here can be a stumbling block. The e-mail you created at 19 may not be suitable for serious dating in 30 or 40 years.

NOT diminutives and vulgarities
You avoid e-mails with diminutives of your name, as well as e-mails that look vulgar or "rude". Forget about e-mails, such as lucinka.beruska @ ... cz, pepan-pepek @ ... cz or medvidek.karlicek @ ... cz. Taboo are also e-mails with erotic subtext, such as dabelsky.amor99 @ ... cz. E-mails that contain long lines of numbers or the names of celebrities, such as bozsky.bruce @ ... cz, are not serious either.

If your counterpart gets a contact with a similar punch, he may not even write to you.

Be serious and creative
So which address to choose? If necessary, create a new e-mail containing your first name. Follow well-known servers such as List, Google, Center.

Engage your imagination and incorporate what you love into your email name. For example, if it is blue, create an e-mail pavel_modry @ ... cz. If you like mountains, your e-mail address could be Ales_K2 @ ... cz. If you like hiking, you can choose the address Ondrej-turista @ ... cz.

TIP: Many e-mail addresses can be busy, so you can choose a hyphen (-) or underscore (_) instead of the classic hyphen (.).

If you decide to go for speed dating, try to look at the available dates in Prague. We wish you a lot of success!

Autor: Jakub Žwak