The best quotes about love for lovers

Láska a vztahy

Whether you want to tune in to a romantic wave, confess your love to your half, or surprise and please a beloved woman or man, start with these lines. We have selected for you the best quotes about love that will caress your soul and say more than a thousand words.

Love - quotes for boy and girl
Men may not talk as much about love as women. Yet when they love, they really love and with everything. Romantic quotes and thoughts from famous and unknown authors will please men in love as well as women in love.

"True love is the art of finding someone in the world with whom you get along better than yourself."
Henri Fréderic Amieal

"The essence of love is not expensive gifts, but dear people."
George Sand

"Lovers close their eyes when kissing because they want to see with their hearts."
Daphne Du Maurier

"A kiss is a beautiful invention of nature to stop speech when words are useless."
Ingrid Bergman

Quotes about women
It is said that living with a woman is difficult, but without it it is even more difficult. Quotes about women will reveal the secrets of the female soul.

"To feel, to love, to suffer, to sacrifice, will always be the content of a woman's life."
Honoré De Balzac

"A man cannot survive as much suffering as a woman can."

"If you want a good woman, be the right man."
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

"If a woman rejects your love and offers you friendship, don't consider it a breakup. It means he wants to follow the order. "

"A good woman inspires a man, a funny one fascinates him, a beautiful woman enchants him, but a compassionate one gets him."
Victor Hugo

Love quotes for couples
Surprise your dear half with a love quote. You don't have to limit yourself to an impersonal SMS or a message on Messenger. Write a quote to your love on a card and pack it, for example, for a snack at work, hide it in a purse or briefcase. Or leave the card lying on the table at home with a box of your favorite candies or a bouquet of roses, where your partner will discover it when they return home. Tiny daily declarations of love are the spice of any strong relationship.

"When I'm with you, the clock runs like seconds. When I'm without you, the days seem like years to me. ”
Unknown author

"Love is the happiness we give each other."
Unknown author

"We were looking for happiness and we found ourselves."
John Lennon

Quote about love as a religion
If you do not have a partner, but you are in love with a colleague at work, you will definitely not step aside with a quote card. If you are timid and afraid to address your love directly, the love card will prepare the ground for you. All you have to do is cleverly leave her in a place where your chosen one is sure to find her.
If he thanks you for a pleasant surprise with a smile or in person, you can try to make further contact and invite your love on a date. If your attention goes unnoticed, he's probably not interested.

"The best relationships usually start unexpectedly."
Ralph Smart

"To love is to know yourself in someone else."
Eckhart Tolle

"We need to be a little similar to understand, but a little different to make love."
Jean Jacques Rousseau

Sad quotes about unhappy love
Perhaps each of us was sometimes unhappily in love. If you know that your love does not love you, there is no point in worrying about unrequited feelings.
Do not sit at home surrounded by sadness and loneliness. Instead, go on a date and you will find a soul mate who will appreciate your feelings and personality. Love is a gift worth sharing. If you don't have anyone to go with, join us for romantic walks through Prague for singles and get out of happiness and love opposite.

"To love someone is to understand that he does not love you."
Romain Rolland

"Unhappy love is not the worst. The real misfortune is not to love. "
Eduard Bass

"Love lives in the one who loves, not in the one who is loved."
Romain Rolland

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