How did the introductory walk on Petřín turn out?

Events reports

The time when we had to sit at home for many months is perhaps for good and we hope that it will never return. Smaller groups can already meet outside, so we organized an introductory walk. She was a great success!

We met in Újezd. At the beginning there was a short presence, the participants showed a test for covid-19 or vaccination, and then there was nothing to prevent us to take a free step to the statue of K. H. Mácha and several beautiful views that Petřín offers.

We met a total of 10 participants. The atmosphere was relaxed, no one was nervous, and if anyone had any doubts about whether they would feel good on the dating walk, all fears quickly dissipated.

The sympathy between the participants was visible at first glance, which was confirmed by the mutual transfer of contacts, which took place anonymously, so that each participant circled in his prepared form a person with whom he would like to exchange contact and if the sympathies were mutual, the email was exchanged. .

Thank you all for participating and we look forward to seeing you at one of our other events. You can see the upcoming events here: Dating events.

Finally, a short review sent to us by Mrs. Dasha:

A walk through Petřín supr, the weather was good. And for me, personal contact is very important in a few seconds, even with the eyes, body language, gestures you are clear.
Maybe it won't work the first time,
so maybe next time

Autor: Martina Žwak