The best romantic movies you have to see

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Captivating emotions, passion, desire, love, tears and emotion ... The right romantic film or romantic comedy will not leave you cold. We have tips for you on the best romantic movies that are really worth it!

TOP romantic films from the 90s

Heavenly Love (1987)

With the main characters of the romantic fantasy film Heavenly Love, you will experience a lot of comic situations, but also passion, tenderness and romance. As Mike Shea, Timothy Hutton does not hesitate to leave heaven so that he can be with his love again.

If you haven't seen this best-rated romantic film (according to, you definitely have something to catch up with. Suitable both for lonely evenings and for watching in two or home cinema with friends.

Titanic (1997)

Who doesn't know the legendary film Titanic with Leonard di Capri and Kate Winslet? The 11-Oscar-winning American romantic film has been breaking recordings for years, not only on Netflix and The destinies of two people are briefly united so that they will soon disperse forever. Because Titanic is not a purely women's film, we also recommend it for romantic evenings for two.

Meet Joe Black (1998)

Romance with Brad Pitt, who portrays Death itself in the film, will surprise you with a mixture of passion, desire, touching scenes and an unexpected conclusion that will entertain both women and men.

The best love films of the years 2004-2014

Notebook of One Love (2004)
Reason or emotion? The whole Hamletovská dilemma is cut open by the romantic drama The Notebook of One Love. True love is not extinguished by different social status, nor by parents, nor by war and years of separation. An ideal theme for a romantic evening for two or a solo spectacle.

The Stars Didn't Wish Us (2014)
Do you have a melincholic mood and a taste for sad romantic movies? A romantic film not only for teenagers Hvězdy did not want us to impress you with tears. Hazel and Gus are two young people who meet in a support group for cancer patients. Their extraordinary story will capture your heart, whether you are eighteen or eighty.

With Love Rosie (2014)
Can two friends fall in love? Rosie and Alex have been friends since childhood. Although their destinies are long overlooked and other relationships, marriage and child enter their path, their hearts eventually unite. This romantic comedy is full of fun scenes and unexpected twists. You can watch it with friends, with a partner or it will warm you up on lonely evenings.

I Wake Up Yesterday (2012)
Sci-fi and romance. Does it go together at all? A sci-fi romantic comedy starring Jirka Mádel will convince you that it will. It is not for nothing that it is one of the best Czech romantic films. The main character Petr travels back in time to meet his student love again. When he meets her again, he must find a way to win her heart for the future.

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