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In the beginning, everything new, different and interesting to your acquaintance from abroad is. Contradictions simply attract, but in the future they can get a real problem. Learn how to overcome the most common pitfalls of a relationship with a stranger and lay the foundations for a solid and happy relationship.

1. Language barrier
Today's young generations are in the middle of English, so you can speak with no difficulty. Speaking constantly in foreign language can initially exhaust you if you used to swap a few sentences at work or on vacation. You will have to search some vocabulary and phrases in the dictionary, which is a nice poison, but the positive thing is that you will expand your vocabulary.

Knowing a more complicated situation occurs when your love speaks a regional dialect that you do not understand. Visits of family and friends will not be easy either. Prepare to translate. Everything and always. Over time, however, your new love will learn a few words, and in a few moments it may be easier to have a conversation.

2. Another region, another morality

Each nation has its own unique customs and traditions. Imagine such Christmas without Santa Claus, salad and candy. In America you will be waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, in Russia for Grandfather Frost, in England for Father Christmas. In some countries, Christmas or Easter is not celebrated at all.

You should also make clear in advance what traditions and beliefs you want to live and raise your children. This will tell you a lot about your future. Can you agree with each other, or do your ideas differ dramatically? Find a common compromise? If you are not too orthodox, you can maintain the traditions of both cultures. New habits can enrich your life together.

3. Another country, different thinking

Here and there it happens that your partner will not understand your allusion or joke. What a Czech would laugh at can an Englishman offend. Ignoring local customs and mentality can also put you in a precarious situation.

Pasé will be a nostalgic reminiscence of watching a popular bedtime story, grandmother's summer at the cottage, scout camps or even funny buzz from Czech films.

The concept of spending leisure time may also be diametrically different. While you are on the weekend for fun, your partner's country can start off with a morning worship, continue with tea at five, and end with watching TV together. On the other hand, a different lifestyle can impress and change for you.

4. A foreigner in a foreign country

If you decide to move abroad with your new partner, there are many changes to come. You will leave your home, family and friends. In a foreign country you can feel abandoned without your loved ones. Suddenly you will have no one to go out for coffee or shopping. It will take some time to build new friendships.

You may also be looking for a new job. As a stranger you will face many challenges and initially it may be difficult to find a job appropriate to your qualifications. On the other hand, you can open up unsuspected job opportunities in the future that you might dream of in the Czech Republic.

5. Handling visas

It starts like in the red library. Declaration of love, promises, romance and request. In the end you will find that it was just money and a free trip to Europe. If your love is from another continent and you have any doubts, prefer to relax.

On the other hand, a relationship with a foreigner can also have many benefits. If you long for an engagement ring, a wedding and a family, you can finally be happy with new love. The Czechs are known for not getting too much into marrying and getting married as a relic. In contrast, in many foreign countries, marriage is a natural outcome of the relationship for both women and men.

And they lived happily forever ...

If you overcome all obstacles and differences, the relationship with a stranger can be beautiful. Your life love will enrich your life with a lot of unknown experiences that you would not have experienced in a Czech pond. You will take root in the new country and be glad that you had the courage to overcome all the pitfalls.

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