How to deal with breakup and start a new life?

Rady a tipy na seznámení

Your love is past. The proximity and all her dreams and plans had disappeared. You have a broken heart and are looking for a way to cope with the pain and emptiness left by your former love.

We will advise you on how to overcome this painful stage and start a new life

Sadness is the loss of a loved one

It can take long weeks or months to cope with the breakup. You may feel that you will never rejoice again. But the truth is that every pain will overwhelm once, even if you can't believe it at the moment.

According to psychologists, the settlement with the gauge is in 5 stages.


You find it absurd and you can't believe it's over. You hope it's just a bad joke, misunderstanding or bad dream.

But by denying reality, it only leads to the deepening of the pain of your loss and the prolongation of your emotional healing.


You blame yourself, your ex partner and your surroundings. You're trying to find the culprit who trampled your happiness. Feelings of guilt are replaced by anger.

Both partners usually have a share in the breakup. But with mistakes you learn and move on. With this experience, you can do things differently and better in the next relationship.


You are determined to fight for your love, bombard it with his / her phrases and phone calls, probing with friends and social networks. You imagine that everything will be settled and returned to old ways. But keep in mind that love is free and voluntary, you cannot conquer or fight it.

You also try to arouse jealousy, change your image and behavior. But how long can you reshape? Believe that you are waiting for a partner who will love you as you are.


At this stage, you already feel internally that the breakup is final and definitive. Sadness and pain begin to manifest in their full strength. You feel tired, neglecting friends, hobbies and maybe even work. You feel that nothing makes sense and you are worried that you will be left alone, that no one will be your former partner.

Isolating and breaking contacts with the world will not solve anything, on the contrary. Even if you are not feeling well, do not stay alone with your grim thoughts. Go to the cinema, to a sports match or even to the theater. Re-establish relationships with former friends that you didn't have time for. Try new activities or hobbies. Give your anger sport. There are plenty of options.

Try to think positively and don't get depressed. Repeat that now you feel bad, but soon it will be better.


"Divorce without hate is the continuation of love in another form." Jean Paul

You have come to terms with the feeling that your partner has left your life. You are willing to move on and look for your new self.

At this stage you are also ready to start a new relationship. Finding a life partner does not have to be difficult.

New love, new life

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