How to approache a girl

Rady a tipy na seznámení

First contact with a beautiful unknown requires a great deal of courage. Fortunately, there are a few good practices that will not offend and engage a woman regardless of age. Want to know "how to approache her?" read more ...

Are you ashamed to talk to strangers? Train it

Are you also stressed by a job interview or meeting with strangers and the idea of reaching out to a stranger is downright uncomfortable for you? No worries. It's a question of practice just like anything else. Intentionally look for situations where you contact strangers - whether you help them lift their coat or ask for time or travel.

You can take it as an interesting social game. Leave your phone at home and try to cope in an unfamiliar city. You will see how interesting opportunities this will bring you.

“I have a friend who can't find a relationship for years. At the same time, he is beautiful, intelligent and has a wonderful appearance. On internet dating is not the type, he decided to address girls directly. It took him a while, but today he has no problem catching up with a girl on the street and saying, "Hi, you have a beautiful smile, could I invite you somewhere?" Some refuse, others give him a number. It is no problem, on the contrary it is a pleasure to please them, ”says Zuzana from Prague.

Trust your intuition

Women want a determined and healthy man. So address her in a way that you personally feel confident about. Can't you just bow her a compliment? Does not matter. Come to her and ask for something that comes natural to you. Do you know how many beautiful relationships originated from trivial questions about the weather?

Do not waste time on the street or tram

In the outdoor environment, most people are in a hurry and are not ready for an interview like a bar or other social event. Rather than blame yourself for a missed chance, take the courage to speak to her. At worst, she refuses you. Nothing worse can happen.

First, think about what you want to tell her and say it straight away. If you start, "Hello, I just wanted to tell you that it suits you", it's not bad - the girl will be happy. But it looks like you don't expect a reaction. He'll probably say "thank you" and move on. But you don't have time for that. Go straight to the point. Add the invitations to something good or ask for a number to the praise of your eyes, smile or coat color. No girl is offended.

You always have something in common

Do you want to reach a woman naturally and effortlessly? Look around and take advantage of the common environment or situation. Use what's on offer. Typical safe titles that do not spoil anything include:

While running: Excuse me, do you run here often? I'm looking for a medium-heavy route for an hour, could you help me?
With a dog: Hello, is it a Czechoslovakian wolfdog? They rarely see each other.
At a concert / theater: Are you here for the first time today? How do you like the performance? Will you come next time?
At the wedding: Are you from the bride or the groom?
Even getting to know the bar has its drawbacks

Bars and nightclubs seem to be the easiest way to reach a boy or a girl. But many people are looking for relaxation, not a serious relationship. Your invitation for a drink, which the girl hears for the hundredth time in the evening, is unlikely to hit the fertile ground. Try to be more original.

Convince her that you're serious. Instead of inviting you for a drink, sit down, introduce yourself and say why you call it. Time plays here for your benefit. In the bar, nobody is in a hurry.

Never put anything on it
The male ego often leads to an inappropriate way of getting acquainted by loudly shouting praise or jokes so that the whole hall knows that you have just seen. Be careful. Most girls don't want to be the center of attention, so your relationship can end before it starts.

“We danced in the evening at my friend's wedding. The stranger started pointing his finger at me on the dance floor and shouting comments on my dance. Apparently praiseworthy, but rather annoyed me. I hate it when all my eyes are on me, ”he warns against a frequent mistake in introducing Martin.

How to reach a girl on a dating site

Many people are hiding in the comfort zone of online dating services today. Reaching that girl or boy is as easy as contacting at any time. In the end, most people stop talking about endless chats.

However, you never know on the Internet whether you are wasting energy on someone who might not really interest you. If you don't want to waste your time, try dating a date with a live date. Usually you do not have to deal with your first contact at all. They are all in action for the same reason. In addition, it has a given program, so you do not have to solve the tricky question of first contact at all.

Attention: Do not spoil your first impression
Paradoxically, frequent mistakes how to pack a girl arise before you reach her. Even before you go out. Women want men not only determined and confident, but also well-groomed. Why? There is nothing superficial. For both sexes, neat hair, hands, clear skin, shoes and clothing are a symbol of a particular social status. People thus show that they have order and clear priorities in their lives, which are important decisive factors for a well-functioning relationship that women really want.

Do you already know how to reach a beautiful woman? Try one of the next dating dates in Prague.

Autor: Jakub Žwak