How to behave on a first date

Rady a tipy na seznámení

You've met someone you like and you're going on a date soon. Maybe you are nervous and afraid of messing something up. Don't let worry spoil your joy. We will advise you on how to enjoy your first date and how to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

The first meeting is about everything. Maybe you have a meeting with the love of your life, maybe just an episode that you will soon forget. But surely there are many questions swirling in your head. How to behave and what to reveal about yourself? On the contrary, what not to say and where to plan a first date?

Choosing a place - where to go on a first date?
You should choose a pleasant place where you can hear yourself well and not be too disturbed. If you have a favorite establishment, be it a pastry shop or a coffee shop, head there. A place you know gives you confidence. If you are hesitating between a restaurant or a cafe, choose a cafe instead. You can focus better and listen to your counterpart without having to deal with dining rules or etiquette. If you do choose a restaurant, remember one rule - committing a small offense against etiquette is better than not listening to a potential partner. Your counterpart could interpret this to mean that you are bored, or that you are not interested.

How to conduct a conversation - what to talk about and what to avoid?
The topic of the conversation is not that important. The most important thing is how the person feels about you. Based on this, he will get an overall impression of the meeting and decide if he wants to see you again. Avoid rudeness and vulgarity during the conversation. Don't talk about your ex-partners, details and spicy things from your private life don't belong on a first date. Don't even talk about your illnesses or other troubles. In general, you shouldn't complain about anything on the first date. Negativists are not very popular, don't spoil your chances of another meeting and try to think positively. Also leave out the topic of parents and relatives from the first conversation, there is no reason to talk about them at the first meeting. We do not discuss politics, gender issues, religious issues and other topics that are not appropriate to open on a first date. Surely there will be other opportunities to discuss them.

What to pay attention to - punctuality and naturalness above all
If you really care about the meeting, be on time. Waiting 5 minutes is normal, waiting 10 minutes is polite, 15 minutes is considered. If your counterpart doesn't answer and the delay is more than 15 minutes, keep your pride and send a message that you can't wait any longer. Don't send rude messages, you never know what might be behind a late arrival. Keep your perspective and a calm head.

Be natural and don't pretend. Sooner or later, the partner would find out that it's just a temporary pose anyway.

Come dressed comfortably, but always clean. Nice clothes are not only proof that you take care of yourself, but also that you care about the other person.

How about a kiss and a flower on a first date - to give or not to give?
First date and kiss? Gentlemen, be attentive and try to sense the intention of the lady. If he spontaneously leans in and wants a kiss on the cheek, it would certainly be impolite to pull away. If he just gives you a hand, don't push the saw. Don't worry, kiss time will come.

How about the flower? You don't have to wear a puget on the first date, usually not even a single rose. Save the flower for the second or third date. Why is a flower not recommended for a first date? The first date is mutual groping. Some women may even be alarmed that you take it too seriously and have high expectations. If you bring a flower after 3 years of a relationship, a woman will appreciate it more than on the first date.

Finally, some tips for the first date
Never excuse yourself prematurely from a meeting, saying that friends are waiting for you. You can only do this if you never want to see your counterpart again.

Silence your phone during the meeting so that no one disturbs you.

Don't be unnecessarily nervous. If this is really a person with whom you have something to say, they will forgive you a few missteps. We all make mistakes.

If it doesn't work out, don't be sad. Come and get to know each other on a speed date - an event that we organize for all singles who want to get to know each other seriously. Choose a date, or just read the experiences of those who have already been on a date and sent us their immediate impressions.

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